Dublin Senior A Hurling Championship (SHC A) 2017


It’s on the Leinster GAA website. Cuala winners of match 3 are home to winners of match 4 - St Martins (WX) who got a bye on 19th


Cuala. :clap:
Find it difficult enough in Dublin again. And then beat KK champs quite comfortably.
It will take a good side to beat this Cuala team again this year. Lots of people going on about how Dicksboro looked so good last week. But that game lacked intensity and defensive play. Well Dicksboro met intensity today and were made look quite ordinary. Some brilliant performances by the Cuala lads today. But I think the right man got motm. The Kerry man was everywhere today.
I’d love to see a Ballygunner Cuala AI final. Think it would make for a cracker.


Would fancy Na Piarsigh in Munster myself


Yeah could do. Won’t be much in it. Fancy Ballygunner myself, but could go either way alright.


Ah fair enough! One would imagine Leinster website would have these matters correct! Hoganstand site puts lots of info up but often very vague!


I think he’s gone looking for bigballs


Congrats! Where is chuck gone?


Cheers Marv . I’d say he’s lying low for a bit, I didn’t think the worst of his comments warranted a response but a few others here got stuck into him. Someone above said they think he’s from Cuala, I really hope that’s not true.


Cuala have some team there, if they have the hunger to do it again, I couldnt see them be beaten. Martins (Wexford are an up coming side,) but cuala will prevail. It’s good to see cuala representing Dublin and doing the county proud,


Jeez tayto let it go. The Dublin final was poor ok . Do you want this to be like wj mayo pravda blog? Will we say Dublin hurling is great repeat infinitely. I hope cuala and the county hurlers prove the great unwashed like me wrong. Cuala can point to the holy grail fine but at inter county level a lot to prove yet.



I think some of the posts weren’t saying the final was poor, they were saying the standard of club stuff in Dublin is poor. That was just illogical as we were looking at the best club team in the country playing, a point they have further demonstrated by beating the Kilkenny champions.


Stapleton was handy enough for DIcksboro, one of their better ones anyway, and good on the frees…


Exactly. The implication after the final that Pat Gilroy must be wondering what he has taken on, that because of one poor game there’s no good hurlers in Dublin etc … it’s always doom and gloom on here.


Your man Chuck on the windup.

Cuala were great again yesterday, what a class team.

Morans ability to fetch a ball is unique in Dublin hurling,
I haven’t seen a man come out with tha many high catches since Ronan Fallon in his prime.

Cuala look nicely set for a real crack off the All Ireland again.

They better make hay this year though because they’ll be winning not winning anything else soon (ahem)


Doom and gloom because at county level we are crap . When that changes we will need plastic surgery to remove our smiles :blush:


Well done Cuala. great stuff.


Born 88, same age group as John Sheanon , Mick Fitz.


Cheers Robbie.


Are any of the Cuala panel not eligible Dublin seniors? I know most are! But are any involved with any other county panels?