Dublin Senior A Hurling Championship (SHC A) 2017


Gilroy needs to be brave and tell Con that the Dublin football panel has been disbanded and his services in that department are no longer required! :grinning:


Great team performance to-day, that’s the Kilkenny champions taken care off three years on the bounce, great too to see one off our talentless youngsters, Niall Carty, come off the bench and chip in with a couple of scores.


He’s talented enough I would have said


Chuck is from Cuala. Frankly some of his posts could actually land himself and the site in an awkward spot.


Was behind goal and soon after he came on a Cuala mentor was telling him to keep on the move. Cuala had a free at the time and he set off on a run and a great free picked him out and he put it over the bar. I’d say the mentor was (rightly) chuffed!

Con has everything - including that fantastic ability/instinct to always be in the right place at the right time.


Congrats, great win! Cuala well the better team on the day.
When is the game v St Martins and is it a semi final?


Great win for Cuala. So much for the ‘poor quality’ Dublin final and the high skill shown in the Kilkenny final.


There seemed to be a lot of needle in the Dublin county final which made it a scrappy & poor affair.


Yes and in two weeks in Parnell


That’s good, at least they will have a bit of recovery time and give Schutte time to be back as well


Yep - as can happen when there’s high intensity/close marking etc. Give any player time and space (as per the kilkenny final) and they can show off a range of skills.


Doubt he will be back this side of Christmas unfortunately for Cuala, he was wearing a protective boot at the match today.


You having a laugh? Sounds like he won’t be getting his membership renewed.


I know the St Martin’s game is in 2 weeks! But is it definitely in Parnell Pk?


Afaik it is yeah


Its just Hoganstand site have it listed for Sunday November 19th. But TBC & TBC


Heard today it is in Parnell from people I’d trust to know these things.


Thought Niall Carty came on at the perfect time and added a lot. How old would he be Mick?




Not certain, but I don’t think he’s one of our next batch , have a feeling he could be touching 30.