Dublin Senior A Hurling Championship (SHC A) 2017


I must say I have turned into a real fan of this Cuala team, and I am originally north county who couldn’t have found the south side on a map!

I like the all round athleticism and the skill levels, and just generally how good they are to watch as a club team. Most big club teams in the country, if not all bar Cuala, have 5 or 6 good men, 4 or 5 average and then a few who are so so. Cuala have 10 or 11 good and no so so ones. But again, they are just enjoyable to watch. Also, in Sean Moran they have the Rolls Royce player of the championship, I was just blown away with his style on the ball.


Paperwork hasn’t gone through yet.



They have at least 7 of the best 15 hurlers in Dublin. Of those Paul Schutte is the oldest I think what about 27 or 28.

I can never remember Cuala winning a minor hurling championship but it hasn’t stopped them producing top class players.

If winning underage was the key to winning at senior Na Fianna would be cleaning up now in the SHC and Cuala would be also rans. That’s now how it works though.


Dunno about that but he’s gonna miss the cuala match this weekend.


how good are na fianna lads? will they win a championship soon?


Should easily be winning 5-10 in a row in the next few years


:open_mouth::open_mouth:…wow. You completely exploded there didn’t you. Did a cuala lad sleep with your missus or something?


Should. The defeat to that Crokes team this yet would make you worry for some of them.


I was taking the piss out of the glory hunting newcomer


Saw their U21 hurlers in action last Saturday and was really impressed by them.
Very good hurlers all over the field and Burke at 15 a joy to watch. Don’t think anyone will come close to them in the A championship. I’d imagine with all the talent coming through at underage a senior Championship won’t be too far away


Vins have always been close to them at this age group. Might give them a game in the semi. But NaF are capable of opening up in anyone.


Best of luck to Cuala today


Good luck to Cuala. After last season’s efforts, it’s a huge ask today. But they’re in bonus territory now.


Early days but Cuala playing really well. - best since march - Con is roasting his man


As an aside can people not post updates on the Ballygunner game. It’s on afte Cuala!


Cillian Buckley moved onto Con


Savage run by o Callaghan to create that goal


Some strange decisions given and not being given by referee


And Cuala getting some handy ones. Soft refereeing.

They’re way the better team. Should be further ahead.


They have but Dicksboro got a couple of soft frees too and another score where free out should have been given. Dicksboro players & crowd whinging every time one of their players gets touched.