Dublin Senior A Hurling Championship (SHC A) 2017





Woah, that Cuala team is far from finished.

Look at Vincents in the football, we haven’t had a minor come though since we change from the Punt to Euro.

Far too quality in that team to even consider them not adding a couple more titles.


yeah, but … :smirk::smirk::smirk:


Horse shit, we’ve plenty off young talent coming up, might not be of the quality of the all Ireland winning team but we’re a bit off being on the slide.


Finished? Jaysus! :joy:


He should give up that sport.


Slow day in work? @Chuck :grin::grin::grin:


Eh Mick Holden2; compared to all the top 6 Dublin clubs you’re in deep trouble in a season or so.
Ye’re a club with poor GPO’s with poor hurling knowledge or no Hurling backgrounds. Only 3 past players with inter-county experience involved in team coaching.
A lot of your club mentors were patting themselves on the back when they’d nothing to do with your Senior players, these guys learnt their hurling in development squads.
So when then present squad diminishes, ye’re faced with imports and Div 2 standard squad players.
What have ye won without the present players underage, ZERO?
The last time ye’ve won anything was with the presnent players; Traceys, Schuttes, Sheanons, Goughs, Timlin etc and that was the U21; 8 years ago.
As they say in management; do the White Spot Analysis.
Is it true your Coiste is football only and they’d like to see the back of the Hurling:astonished:. I hear yere chairman had a sad face on him as a picture of yere lads lifted the cup:astonished:


Slow year , only 60 odd posts :drooling_face:


So when are you running for chair of Cuala :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:


@Chuck. The new Bart!!


I do agree that Mark Schutte is a big loss and in dicksboro they’re facing a better kilkenny champion then they faced last year in the Leinster final.


I used to love it back in the day when i used to leave work early on a Friday and head straight to the pub with the lads and get tanked up :beer::beer: Before reservoirdubs was around. We used to rant at each other face to face instead of hiding behind keyboards


Jaysus, No response from MH2, have I rumbled on one of the GPO’s:wink:


Is he definitely not hurling this year?


A bitter and biased post, with no credibility.


He has to be on the on the windup


Are you vins ?


Jesus I hope not :open_mouth:


Cuala have pulled out of Leinster and are looking to amalgamate with Crokes as they have no future apparently