Dublin Senior A Hurling Championship (SHC A) 2017


I think one of the brothers played underage football and the other was underage hurling. Not sure which is which though.


I thought the exact same watching on Saturday but when slagging Simon Timlin about it yesterday he was adamant he was the one being fouled.


Anyone know how he ended up in Dicksboro or is it his namesake? The brain is a bit dull after that bank holiday weekend


Think he is married to/ going with a girl from Kilkenny so is working and living down there now.


a dub playing and winning on a county winning club team. The culchies won’t like that will they?


Is he the first dub to win a kilkenny county medal?


Is he possible county standard? He got Walsh cup games in the past I think. I seem to remember him doing well on one horrible day against Laois (which might have been Sutcliffes first start) - or that was all a dream and it never happened!


maybe Cody will have a look at him after yesterday


Not sure. There’s a couple KK posters on here might know. On a broader scale has there been any dubs in either code win SENIOR club titles? Vinny with Kerins O Rahilys at all?


He looked the part yesterday I thought. One of the better players on show.


I have a mate very good player looking to join a Dublin club next year,who do ye guys reckon will win championships over the coming years? have crokes much talent coming through?


The following have had great years and are on an upward curve: wild geese, na Gael oga and round towers lusk.


Someone said Cuala are strong


Realt Derg look a good bet


Whos ur mate joe canning


Me in London and another county that will remain nameless! :grinning:


Is he on the run from Ballyragget :thinking:


Darcy won a few senior club titles in Leitrim


Thanks but I’m talking about senior hurling?


Oisin O’Rourke pulled Timlin down on top of him by grabbing his arm. It was never a peno, unless Timlin did something before that that I missed. One of the few good things the ref did on Saturday. He wasn’t up to reffing that match. Totally bottled it when he should have given Bill O’Carroll a red. Awful match. Pity when there were so many good players on view.