Dublin Senior A Hurling Championship (SHC A) 2017


Ah crap, really?


He actually made the catch while injured, our line were very slow to replace him.


Yeah but he seemed to be hoping he could walk it off. It was soon apparent that wasn’t going to happen …


He was never going to walk this one off, It’s one he’s been carrying since the summer.


Aye but he was in front of us and didn’t gesture at the bench - he seemed to be just hoping himself it might ease up.


Think he had given the signal to the line just before that catch that led to the penno.


Cool. Jaysus if that’s the case they certainly took their time


That’s a real loss but good options off bench. Is it his foot?


Ankle, one of Nicky Kenny or Cian Waldron to replace him, I’d imagine.




I watched the Kilkenny County final today and Dicksboro are very good side and will be hard to beat. They love to score goals


They do look a strong side. Cuala will have to find another gear. Mind you me nan would have made it through a few of those gaps.


KK final great to watch, but the lack of physicality and defending was criminal. Some fabulous skill on show though.
Well done to Ballygunner too. A really good team.



Blatant penalty not given to Crokes just before the Cuala goal.


Oisin Gough and Shane Stapleton playing for both teams next Sunday😜


Definite. Don’t know how Crokes No.3 stayed on pitch just after goal.


The not awarding of the penalty to Crokes was the real turning point of this game as the ball went straight to the other end and the goal for Cuala was the end result. A possible six point turnaround.


Glad crokes didn’t win . Their antics deserved nothing


A bit harsh there Bart. Bar bills misdemeanour I wouldn’t have said there was much more from crokes bar overcommitted and a few mistimed tackles.

The cuala goal really showed up how poor the ref was on the day. He missed the crokes penalty, shoulder into cons face prior to Cronin delivery and strike on con after the goal.

Other notables: a poor peno attempt by treacy