Dublin Senior A Hurling Championship (SHC A) 2017


No bother. In fact, cos it’s a complex enough article as it is, I didn’t mention that if Crumlin beat Cuala and Faughs beat Boden (not completely beyond reason) then Cuala’s big win against Faughs will put them through ahead of Faughs or Boden, second to Crumlin


I’d be hopefull about our chances against Crumlin, by that time we should have Con, Sean Tracey and John Sheanon all back so it could pan out as you predict.


Jesus I hope Superhurler doesn’t read that comment or you are in for it


I did say hopefull.


Is Alan McCrabbe still playing for Ciarans or is he injured or retired??


Still playing


Thanks great hurler!



Dublin’s representatives will have to do it the hard way if they are to emulate Cuala in winning the Leinster Senior Hurling Club Championship in 2017. A q-f against the Kilkenny champions and then, if successful there, a semi-final against the Wexford champions.


Thats unlucky.

When’s the next round anyways? Suppose we might as well wait a few months till the footballers are out. :fearful:


Any word on the next round of championship ?


Not u till Con o’Callaghan and Mark Schutte are finished with the big ball I presume


Really so end of September for it then to be ran of in 4 weeks, no wonder so many club players are walking away from the sport.


And people laugh at Brolly. Both ends of the game are pulling in completely opposite directions and the tear is getting bigger and bigger …


No appetite for club matches in august, mind you we’ve been out for weeks.,think this reluctance to play championship over the summer is one of the issues we have.


It’s not an issue in most counties but certainly is in Dublin and to be honest that is where the tear is probable biggest. Need to separate the two - one way or t’other …


I’ve asked the question already in this thread.

Who are we waiting for…

McHugh, Connolly & Con.

Is there anyone else?


Cuala v Vincents went ahead last year without Con & DC. Same should happen again this year. I think the only game Con played for Cuala in Dublin last year was in the final and even then he only came on.


the most obvious one would be Schutte


Connolly and Schutte played 2 rounds of championship earlier in the year, McHugh played 5 minutes of 1 match, Con none so really it should only be Connolly and Schutte in question. Cuala and NaFianna have to win their final group matches so may insist on their players. Vincents are already through so may be happy enough to proceed without Connolly. This could be a long wait for round 3!


in fairness long forgotten hurlers were used in recent years to delay the progress by some clubs