Dublin Senior A Hurling Championship (SHC A) 2017


you have answered that question in the diatribe above… and now i would say ULTRAdefensive

But if you and your DCB coleagues think the current format is helping develop hurling who am I to make a proposal that might develop players

there is no important SFC match until the august BH for dublin realistically either


Read Grassroots-Gaa’s article explaining how last week’s results have affected the groups and why Na Fianna and Balyboden have lost control of their own destiny


Fair play for working out all the permutations!! Good to know what could with those 3 tight groups!


Well done young man, excellent article.


Just to point out that rule 6.21(4) ©in the GAA Official Guide dictates how ties in league championships shall be decided and in the following order;

  1. Where it involves 2 teams only - by head to head between those two teams.
  2. Where it involves more than two teams - by scoring difference of the games involving the three or more teams in the tie only. See regulation 26 - Dublin CCC regulations adopted by the Dublin clubs.
  3. Highest Score
  4. Play-offs

As in any case the Official Guide takes precedence but a regulation can be used if it does not conflict with the Official Guide.

To take up Stephens use of soccer examples, as a Leeds Utd fan of almost 50 years I once celebrated (I was very young) Leeds winning an Inter City Fairs Cup Final- now called the Europa League - after a draw with Juventus over two legs by the toss of a coin. Any of the above would be better than that!


Great piece of work , well done .


Thanks for the clarification.

Though one thing is still unclear to me. Number 3…Highest score? What does that mean? Which side has scored and conceded the highest amount i.e a team with 70 for and 60 against would beat a side with 69 for and 59 against? The highest score put up in a single match? The highest scoring margin put up in a single match? And does that include only games including the tied teams or any games?

It seems quite vague, and by my amateur legal estimation, widely open to interpretation, which appears to me to be a legal time bomb. If O’Toole’s beat Craobh by eight or if Cuala beat Crumlin by two, it will come come down to this (if Na Fianna and Boden win their last games).

Have I missed something? Do you have any further reference points or knowledge on the subject.

If there is something more clear, please let me know asap and I’ll edit the article ASAP.

Also, I’ve said “the manner in which the board have decided”. Am I correct to say that it’s actually a Croke Park format which each county are obliged to follow, or could the Dublin county board amend it? (not that I think they should in general). I’ll edit that if it’s out of CCC control.

On a side note, as you’ve clearly thought about all of this before…I suspect you remember that Ireland “came second” and Netherlands “came third” in the 1990 World Cup group by “the toss of a coin” (literally two balls in a jar). “Second place” Ireland then drew another second place team, Romania, while “third place” Netherlands drew a first place team, West Germany. The Dutch went out and we held out for penalties and won against Romania.

But had Egypt equalised late against England in the group, all four would have gone into a pot to be drawn out as first, second, third and fourth. It would also have happened had Ireland and Norway drawn 1-1 and not 0-0 in the final game in 1994.

I suspect it’s one of the reasons why Fifa and Eufa have changed the system, though the 1994 group would have been inseparable by any method had Ireland and Norway drawn 1-1.

On the whole, as a previous article I wrote said, group format is the way forward, and as this article says, the current hurling method is definitely the fairest.

Just that it or I need clarification on what what happens if two sides are level on score difference in the three way tie.


Id be 90% sure it comes down to points scored. So the total number of pints scored over the 3 group games, not taking into account the number of points conceded, would it not? Which means the hidings dished out to the 4th place teams in some scenarios become relevant again


It may be what they mean. Try telling that to the lawyer who could be arguing the point next September/October if it’s not stated clearly somewhere.


What the rule actually says is "highest total score for"
However it also says that if the total score is affected by a walk over, objection or disqualification etc then a play off must be held.

The GAA Official Guide is the be all and end all of rules in the Association and those rules can only be changed by motions to Annual Congress. Counties can have their own regulations provided they do not conflict in anyway with the Official Guide.
In Dublin the Clubs, through their delegates at County Board, decide on regulations. The CCC are the policemen who enforce the regulations.

The 2017 Official Guide is now available on the GAA website and App.


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Forgive me, last day of shift for me today and the sun is beaming in the window.


Don’t worry about it… that’s my kind of hurrelling.


Any chance you could send me a link or a screen shot of where it says “highest total score for”. I think I’ve gone through the relevant section and haven’t seen that.

There’s still also the question mark (for me) as to whether that’s “highest score for” in any game or in games related to the three way tie


GAA Website rules and regulations Rule 6.21(4)© on page 94


Give Frank Murphy (Cork Secretary) a shout!


I rang Frank and he is worried too ! He is also Confused.

The 2017 Regulations refer to T.O. 2013, 2014 and 2016 (see R33, R22 and R26). Confused?

You won the game 1 15 v 0 17. That’s 16 scores v 17 scores. Confused?

I think the DRA will be busy un-confusing us mere mortals.


This will only be an issue in the Cuala, Crumlin, Faughs, Ballyboden group if there is a draw or two in the final round of games, if there are two winners those two will progress.


Have you read the article I wrote and posted here a day ago? Have a look. It’s a bit more complex than that.


Sorry Stevey, you’re right it could be a mess alright, I had mistakenly thought Faughs beat Crumlin, bit of a brain fart on my behalf.