Dublin Senior A Hurling Championship (SHC A) 2017


14 weeks is it to next round.? Some pain trying to keep a group together . Play all matches out till last 8 decided. Then at least teams know where they stand.


Or just leave the championship till September might be simpler


Maybe so. Current format leaves too long of a break.


Clubs need to decide whether they want access to their county players or not . And if it’s yes then all championships should be played in September . All leagues finished before then .
It’s all so simple really . Dual players have to accept they will be playing a lot of games


“Dual players will have to accept that they will be playing a lot of games” are you for real???

Our SHC consists of 6 rounds from first group game to final and our SFC consists of 5 rounds from round one to final. Do you really expect Dual clubs to play anything up to eleven games in a period of time from 4/5 weeks to 8 weeks max’, depending on how Dublin are doing, so that the County is represented in the Leinster Club championship on the first weekend in November??

Within three years I would expect Croke Park to finally get their way and play the All Ireland Club Finals within the “calendar year” / in December each year. That would mean, without replays, a Dublin club reaching the All Ireland final playing ten championship games in football and eleven in hurling.

How in the name of God would Dublin clubs manage to do that even if we only had one code!

Please… Before you decide to share your wisdom in future think the thing out properly first.


This is the A thread. There is another one for the B championship


The solution is simple. An intelligent management team would get all the clubs on board if the ic players played regularly for their clubs. It would be beneficial for the clubs,for the club player,for the ic player,for the standard of club games in the county,for the ic management to see who in their set up are standing up and leading their respective teams and it would make the senior club titles on offer all the more sweeter to fight for. The county team would reap the rewards of goodwill and all that goes with it as the clubs and club members would really feel a part of the county setup and have a greater respect for the county team, something that’s not there with the protective bubble wrap mentality that exists at IC level. Greater respect would translate into greater support. The simple solution is the ic players train with the county team but turns out for the club teams for all league and championship games,12 + 6 = 18 max.
For the ic player an 11 month season would entail at maximum 18 club games,8 ic league games and 6 ic championship games giving a grand total of 32 games in total to be played over 47 weeks approx.
That 32 game figure is a maximum figure btw provided the players club and county qualify for all the finals.
Just to put some context on the figures,
Ice hockey players travel 100s of 1000s of miles and play 82 games in a regular season of approx 28/30 weeks
American footballers travel 1000s of miles and play 16 games in 17 weeks in the regular season.
Basketball players again travel huge distances and cram 82 games in less than 30 weeks,completing a regular season.
When you factor in the travelling,the intensity of professional sport,the non stop number of games and the short timeframes involved,how is it that the best players in the county are kept from representing their clubs for 3/4s of the season under the excuse of player burnout ?
31 games max with limited travel over 47 weeks isn’t that taxing,is it ?

The least no of games an ic player could play would be 11 club league games + 5 ic league games + 3 club championship games + 2 ic championship games = 22 games over 47 weeks approx.
That number would be closer for most county players in Dublin atm.
And before the college brigade,Walsh cup and underage fanboys jump all over this, I’ve no interest in those competitions. As far as I’m concerned a senior intercounty hurler should make himself available for his club senior team and his county senior team first and foremost. Everything after that should be secondary. The underage and Walsh cup should feed into the senior setup,not the other way around,and the colleges is simply distracting in its current format. But again the colleges shouldn’t be high on a Dublin senior hurlers agenda.Its,at best,more of a plaything for our country cousins and,at worst, a vanity project for some high profile managers. Then again ,after all that,is that what people in positions of power want, Dublin hurling fragmented with absolutely no direction,with the separation of club and county,with the continued appointments of outside managers, with our young talented hurlers steered towards a better and more unified football set up with an unshakable Dublin identity.
The reality of it all is we have had 4 consecutive years of abject mediocrity at senior intercounty level. All under the watch of all Ireland winning managers. All with huge financial backing. All with pampered players separated from their grassroots and give the title of “elite players”. Go GPA.

Its time for a completely different approach.
The current model stinks to high heaven.
And its not working.
With that said I cant wait for the resumption of the club championship. Some great games to look forward to.


Grassroots-gaa report on O’Tooles vs Na Fianna


Does anybody know for certain how groups that are level in the hurling championship will be decided? Because there are three groups lined up for classic final day outcomes with potential for three groups to finish with three teams tied on four points.

Do I assume it’s still down to the head to head, not score difference? But do they only count head to head if it’s two sides are level? If three sides are level do they count the “head to head” of the three sides or does it revert back to total score difference like in the Euros in soccer?

i.e. will Croabh know in advance that a loss of eight, but not nine, points to O’Toole’s will still put them through (that would total three teams on four points if Na Fianna beat Barróg witha score diff of O’Tooles +7, Craobh -3, Na Fianna -4 on the basis of the head to head of the three). Or if they lose by two points (which would put O’Toole’s a point ahead of them in total score diff), will they go out if Na Fianna beat Barróg by 19 points and finish one higher on total score diff?

Depending on the structure, it can make for bizarre set ups like in Euro 2012 where Russia were ahead of Greece on goal difference when three teams were tied on four points with half an hour of the last game to play, then Czech scored a winner against Poland which put them ahead of Russia and Greece, and put Russia and Greece back to a head to head which put Greece in front. Bizarre that a result from a different game could change the balance of two teams in an entirely different game!

If it goes to a three way head to head, Brigid’s are already probably goosed, and it’s out of Na Fianna and Boden’s hands already. Whichever way it runs, it’s gonna be some craic the night of the last group games.


What’s the story with Brady Boland and Quilty?


If you want to talk facts, Crumlin didnt earn ‘‘their right to be competing at the level’’ they got ‘promoted’ through whinging and moaning. The board bent over for them cos they were in a corner over UCD being allowed in.
Fair play to Barrs though.
Also it should still be 12 teams.


Quilty hurt his knee. Was walking with a limp. Joey injured. Brady don’t know.


Is there a reason we didn’t see more of Alex Quinn during the league? Was he injured? Did well in Walsh cup and seems to have cried that through for crumlin.


Agreed about Tony Lambe. Best ref in Dublin and he doesn’t take any sht. Some clubs use ref bullying as a tactic but Tony’s put manners on them all before so they dont even go there


I honestly don’t know near enough about the facts surrounding Crumlin to comment so will have to refrain from doing so. However the fact they are competing and winning shows they belong at this level.

Speaking from a point of view of a club trying hard to make the step up I believe that the 16 team championship is fine. 12 team championship would presumably contain Lucan and Brigids for example which was a slaughter house. Judes I am assuming would have been in and have been at the wrong end of big results, no matter the format there will be one sided games. Giving more teams the opportunity to get the levels up is the way I’d go personally.

Going to 12 teams is taking a game away from the club player who scarcely gets enough playing time as it is.


going to 12 teams can work

Div 1 A, 6 teams and top 2 go to semis, next 2 go to quarters, bottom 2 go to relegation playoff. minimum 6 championship games every team…

Div 1 B 6 teams, top 2 go to quarter finals ( top team promoted to 1A following year) Bottom 2 playoff for relegation to Senior B champo following year.

with exception of 2 teams everyone gets 6 championship games …


Here’s Grassroots-Gaa’s report on the Croke’s Jude’s game from last Thursday


Show how your proposal would fit into the fixtures calendar which already works aroundthe inter county programme and takes the needs of dual players, and county players who which to play the other code at club level, into account. What we have now is not perfect but it is the best fit into what is a congested fixture calendar.


Can someone amend your name to defensiveboarddelegate…

3 rounds now, final 2 rounds after Dublin leave the hurling championship. enforce the county senior football manger to release hurlers if they wish to play for their clubs. Reduce the size of the league division by 4 back to 8 if nevcessary to create fixture slots, no more games for players but more meaningful ones…

If there’s a will there is a way, the status quo of at least one cannon fodder team per group of four almost every year isnt developing hurling whatever about the fixtures calendar.

My model is in operation in other counties so interested county board officials and delegates don’t have to god forbid reinvent wheels


Firstly, don’t make the mistake of comparing Dublin to other Counties. Dublin is a dual county like it or not. The nearest to what we do as a dual county is probably Wexford and they don’t the problems that success in football has brought to our Club game.
Other “dual” counties are actually almost two separate counties in most cases, e.g. north Galway, north Offaly, west Clare, south Tipp and West Cork are football and South Galway, south Offaly, east Clare, the rest of Tipp and Cork City / east Cork are hurling with little crossover.
Expecting the county football manager (or hurling manager if roles were reversed) to release players in the run up to an important inter county championship match so that the player can play in the opposite code in club championship is naive. The rules of the GAA don’t even allow for that even within the 13 day rule!! Although in fairness DCB do try to ensure that players get the opportunity to play both games with their clubs.
The Dublin calendar at senior level is based on (I) the inter county calendar and (ii) the availability of dual club players to play between a minimum of 32 and up to 40 games a year (depending on success). That’s a tight fit around inter county games, bank holidays and winter breaks etc.
You accuse me of being defensive, if I am it’s because I regularly attend meetings of club delegates and DCB, I hear the problems of all sides and listen to the arguments for and against proposed solutions. I have heard most of the so called solutions before and I know what the Clubs, who play in and own the various competitions,have decided democratically is the best fit for them.
Why don’t you get involved at DCB level ??