Dublin Senior A Hurling Championship (SHC A) 2017


Except none of those lads play Hurling for their club…


Well done Crumlin, what position were you playing Superhurler??


Great result for crumlin, 2-22 to 0-22 sounds like a good one, who played well?


Paddy Andrews and Philly have been in Rome and Portugal all week, on their holliers. Brian Fenton is away in Vietnam. Where are they running from?


They were running after Forrest …


Well done finbarrs and Crumlin people forget not so long ago vincents and craobh where in the relegation play off teams like Crumlin and finbarrs may not win the championship this year but have shown they have every right to be in it and will get better each year that they are in it


An absolute cracker in otoole park last night. Boden coming off a high after beating the all Ireland champs v Crumlin who scraped a dodgy looking win against a limited looking faughs team. The masses who gathered where expecting to witness the continued resurgence of the mighty boden. Someone forgot to tell Crumlin. The Crumlin management appeared,their faces said it all. These boys were here to hurl. The players arrived and it soon emerged that this was serious. The young pacey players have matured into serious operators who are only looking to win. The makeup of the team was spot on,the balance perfect. The intensity shown from start to finish was fantastic. The fitness levels and touch were all on show. The game ebbed and flowed with some unreal score taking. “Both sides deserved huge credit” ( Niall Scully tm ). Its gonna be tough,but Crumlin have the beating of Cuala so it all points to a cracker of a final group game.
A final word on the game last night concerns the ref. I had a moan about the standard of refereeing recently but tony lambes performance last night was brilliant. Let the game flow ( 47 scores in the hour ),no fuss calls,every player knew where he stood,what was acceptable and what wasn’t and it fed into and produced the game of the championship so far. If refs want to know how to ref a game of hurling they should look at Tony’s style. Its intercounty standard and if all senior club games were officiated like this,we’d have much better games. A great Crumlin win in otoole park coupled with the barrs beating Lucan shows that the mirror images on both sides of the river are doing their communities and the game of hurling proud. Well done to all concerned.
Jimmy Boggan and Cozzy would be proud.


Tony lambe is one of the best in the business always new we’re you stood with him on the pitch


That’s true . He usually stands in the middle of the pitch …


OPER 9-21 Jude’s 0-9


I have to agree with everything you said ABC. What a game. Scoring was top class. The commitment from both teams was immense but Crumlin’s superior intensity won the day. First time ball into the inside forward line had Boden all over the place. Don’t forget this is the same full back line who destroyed Cuala just last week. The Keaney/Quinn tussle was worth the admission fee. Keaney struggled with Quinns unbelievable speed/skill but in fairness to him he battled hard to hang on. Alex Quinn was brilliant throughout, his scoring was only 40% of the story. The hit he put on Hiney [ totally legal- although other weak Refs may have blown for it, and we still wonder why we get pushed about at inter county level ] set the tone for the match and what Crumlin where bringing to the game. Question; Why is Conor Murphy not in the Dublin team? his speed/strength/first touch/vision is top inter county standard. He controlled the Boden full forward Aiden Mellet all evening, Mellet destroyed Cuala the last day.

Thank God the county board don’t listen to this site otherwise Crumlin/Finbarrs would be in the B championship and not exposed to senior A, to develop.
The Kilkenny model is thrown up each year but I’m sure they have had some cricket scores in it each year. Can anyone enlighten us on some scorelines.

How Tony Lambe hasn’t had a county final is still beyond me. Great Ref, Real inter county stuff. He wont give the star man/team the handy scores, just Refs it impartially and therefore fair… maybe that doesn’t suit some clubs??? who knows.

To Ad Lib the man from the Herald; “The Balls may be whacked on the golf course, But Crumlin where slapping the balls in O’Toole park”. Great game, I wonder how many on this site who constantly bemoan the Dublin SHC where at it?


Great post


In what?


Senior B Hurling championship
Full time score

@plunketts_ie 9-21 @clgnaomhjude 0-9




Ye true least he knows the rules of the game compared to some refs this week…


Hm he’s had his moments too …


He has and maybe some would say let’s a little too much go now and then which can turn into chaos but we use him for challenge games and in fairness to him he educates the players after a game of why he did this or that and we’ve found it to be beneficial.


Alex Quinn got 1-6 from play



4 of the 5 teams with 2 wins from 2 still uncertain to progress. Strange in a 4 team group but such is the way the cookie crumbles. I dont see how the 3 group games couldn’t have been rattled off before Dublins intercounty season started.


Because teams year would be over in May . Look at the football for example . 24 teams season is over this time next week