Dublin Senior A Hurling Championship (SHC A) 2017


He can’t. He has to do what he’s told too. So unless it is Con’s choice then it is a case of Gavin picking and choosing who can do what,


Always good to see Liam Dunne work his magic.

I’m sure he’s worth every penny.


The standard of referring tonight it Parnell was dreadful. Ino it’s a hard enough job but at least make the effort to keep up with play.
First game was a dull affair both teams were more interested in smacking eachother then playing the game.
Second game started well first 15 minutes Jude’s flew outta the traps, crokes got back into it score by score and took over from there really.


Well done Na Fianna, I thank you from the bottom of my wallet. 3-1 was a great price


if you dont know for sure you shouldn’t be making wild statements like this.


Lose my reason reading the above, such absolute wingy waffle of the highest, any idea what Con has been up to last 7 months in his sporting life ? obviously not enough for some people’s standards .
Not intended to be offensive but for the love of God !


Hardly a wild statement, same as last year.


Con has made it abundantly clear that football is his first priority. He only played with Cuala hurlers after the All Ireland replay in 2016 and had not made himself available for the earlier rounds. According to Cuala his terms for playing hurling this year are the same as last year I.e. When football has concluded for the year. Much as people might like to think he is under orders not to play hurling it is 200% not true. Obviously playing in All Ireland club semifinal and final were special exceptions and who can blame him for that.


Love to see a convert … :grin:


The post is mostly about Jim Gavin. Not Con O’Callaghan.

Not for the first time people simply don’t read what other have written.


Alan you are clearly saying that Jim Gavin is dictating Con’s career which certainly does not appear to be the case. Everything seems to be either black or white with you my friend. Step into the grey side the odd time like us ordinary folk :wink:


Even if he was dictating it- he’s perfectly entitled to have footballers only on his team. Dublin can’t win an AI without Connolly. They can win it without Con and I suspect Con knows that


In fairness to Jim Gavin he has released other players to play club hurling in SHCB and inter in last and in previous years. He is entitled under rule to have players for 13 days before SF championship matches but outside of that he is very good in releasing players, as he often does for AFL matches. The problem in Dublin has not been the senior inter county managers releasing players but some (not all) of the underage managers in both codes.
Because of the scheduling of Leinster Senior games in particular and also All Ireland qualifiers and knockout games the use of the both codes 13 day rules almost always overlap which is the only reason club championship matches don’t get played during the summer months. Dublin have tried to correct this at Council level on many occasions without success to date. Jumping on the media bandwagon of blaming the Dublin football manager for the dearth of club championship games in the summer in lazy and unfair to him as it is not true.


I find it funny their probably paying him big bucks and Sean Lane whos a decent manager running their 2nd team.


Fair play na fianna. That is a big result especially after last weeks result. All to play for in that group.


I read what you wrote and I clearly understood, I don’t accept any attempt to undermine the county team. Firstly wild speculation about where Con is, and linking it in someway to bad management practice, in turn to link it to club v county hierarchy, in turn to link to county management destroying club system, seems to be the underlying agenda and modos operandi .
Secondly Jim Gavin deserves and has the utmost respect from all involved in GAA and a lot more from those outside. We as members of Dublin GAA owe a debt of gratitude for his involvement.The least we can do is express that, when the opportunity presents itself.There maybe one or two deluded individuals out their,that are unable to accept that truth but please don’t allow yourself to join them.


Con was on the bench last night for Cuala. Cuala mgmt didn’t play him but he was there in case of a break glass emergency.
It will be the same now for all Dublin footballers they won’t hurl until Dublin are out of the championship. This stuff that DC is strolling around and playing club games as he chooses is nonsense and is actually insulting to Jim Gavin.


Fair play for replying with facts Robbie - It won’t stop Alan replying with his iritating personal agenda against Dublin intercounty management

Maybe at some point people might talk about the actual games - crokes had to come from 6 down last night to beat Jude’s


Absolute nonsense. The amount of people around here who can’t read and understand simple English is growing by the day.

I was asking questions. Which have now been answered. Thanks to the person who provided the information who answered them.

The rest of you should learn to read a person’s post before responding to what you think you read rather than what was actually written.


It was facts I was looking for. The key was is in the word ‘unless’ in my post.

But don’t let that stop you having a go.