Dublin Senior A Hurling Championship (SHC A) 2017


Feel free to move this to a different Dublin section. Apologies I placed in club area.


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Feel free to move this to a different Dublin section. Apologies I placed in club area.


I fully agree with posters who say these games are meaningless. There are somewhere between 5 and 8 teams that are ahead of the rest. That needs to be recognised in the format. Of course the County Board needs to show leadership on this as it would be difficult to get unanimity in individual clubs. Often the people at the coalface are not the club delegates and do not get to vote!

We are currently doing well to field a senior team between injuries, unavailability and emigration. Our only sub for Crokes and match last night, is injured himself! Also most of our lads are very young and Vincents are a big team. They are also a decent, well-prepared team and they should expect to do well this year. Good luck to them.


Naf 0-6 O’T 0-5 ht.
Poor standard. Play and officiating.

O’Tooles playing with wind in second half


Have you managed to count the number of attendees?..players and mentors should not be included in this figure…neither should officials or people in hi-vis bibs.


Na Fianna win 12-11. Poor game.


It certainly now has opened up the group !

Lots of summer training to come.


Score line doesn’t suggest a classic


For those knocking grassroots previews the dcb can’t be bothered with teams & scorers



Con unavailable to Cuala hurlers 'till after Dublin win the All Ireland.


Na Fianna would have taken a 1-0. Very important win … 3-1 very generous!


Why is that if DC can play for Vincents?


Can’t answer that one.


Good way for Gavin to keep Con on a leash perhaps? Sad to see some being allowed play and others not unless it was the players choice of course


Because he can make up his own rules . He’s a fixture . Con isn’t


That’s a massive win . Sometimes revolutions start on the tiniest of margins


True and sometimes a dogfight can be a catalyst


Personal choice. Nothing to do with Dublin management.


They are through to the qtrs now realistically.


Crokes beat Jude’s by 5