Dublin Senior A Hurling Championship (SHC A) 2017


He is a great club man to have. Could easily wrap himself in protective gear at times (even when he is playing football😂) but always presents himself well to the club for hurling.


There’s a lot could learn from him :flushed:


Does Dermo get much ragging at club hurling level with guys blackguarding and trying to rise him and get him sent off?


Nope. You don’t get that in hurling really. Far more prevalent in football.


When did Dermo last play SHC against < insert club name here > ? :sunglasses:


Undroppable at county level. Means he can make up his own rules . So not a fair comparison to other guys on the county panel


He played against Setanta last night.


And judes last week. And two of the three games last year. And virtually all games prior to last year. Rarely doesn’t play as opposed to rarely does.


A small bit now and again, last night the centre forward was at him but he laughed it off. Centre forward got sent off for booting the Vincent’s centre back up the hole two minutes later :joy:


Vincents center back must of caught 20+ balls last night, he was horsing the setanta lads out of it


Weekend games clash with SHCB, intermediate and junior, juveniles, pitch availability, first Communions and other family events, weddings, stag parties etc.The fact is clubs claim to prefer mid week games, playing is better than training which is what they would be doing anyway! And it leaves weekends free for she who must be obeyed!!
The wishes of players and clubs come first. We are a games playing Association not a games watching Association!


Central Council is the counties who are supposed to be representing the clubs in each county. So technically they do consult the clubs.


And where is the hard evidence for this being what the players want?

Because I can tell you for a fact that at underage it’s free games clubs have been demanding for years.

And it certainly doesn’t seem to be an issue in other counties.


Ask their delegates!


I saw him play v Kllmacud Crokes last year but came on as a sub rather than a starter. Even though he sent a few balls wide, he won a lot of ball and his class was apparent. you can only imagine how good he would be if he was playing hurling matches regularly.


Though he himself, Dermo tried blagarding a young 18 year old, called him a pikey. Young lad shut him up easily enough, mentioned something about thousands of € and and an eye injury. Vincent’s were brilliant and are some team.


Conor McHugh in line to play for Na Fianna tonight - did Con play last night?


Na Fianna 3/1 is a big price for tonight


They musta read your post last week … :smirk:


Just read this interview about a former minor keeper Cormac Ryan. What a brave young man to speak out about issues like this.