Dublin Senior A Hurling Championship (SHC A) 2017


Who did Vins play??

Any result Judes game??


Come back tomorrow for that - playing tonight :wink:


The crowds have nothing to do with when games are played. More to do with hurling championship not being do or die knockout games and/or the poor quality of games on offer at this time of year. Maybe the SHC should be an eight team championship. The type of scoring differences last night do no team any good.


I’ve said that for a long time . But when arevthe county board going to act ?


The clubs - who are the County Board - are happy with the current format. Do you expect them to vote themselves out of senior status??


I expect the county board to exercise some senior management skills and stop running the county the same way it was in 1884


Your definition of “county board” needs to be checked. It is a democracy not a dictatorship. If the clubs don’t want it, it won’t happen. Status is of the upmost importance to them.


The clubs shot down restructuring before and they’ll do it again.


also juvenile teams training, mentors players and parents caught with that and cant attend


Not on Saturday evenings or Sunday afternoons. That’s when most counties play their senior championship games.


Is there any particular reason why these are being played mid-week?


sorry alan i was agreeing with you about midweek and that this cohort is available for a weekend evening match


It’s about time someone asked them why.


2 games each in otoole and Parnell starting at 5 on a Saturday and a Sunday over two consecutive weekends would clear the 16 games at a time for people and kids to attend and give all the teams a full week to recover from round one. Plus give the championship its proper respect which is blatantly lacking when you see fixture dates and the standard of referees on show,the game last night being the latest in abysmal officiating. Shocking performance,especially in the first half.


The GAA central council changes things without asking the clubs
The precedent is there


Pity from a Vincents point of view we don’t have Crokes next week, on a roll at the moment.

Anything can happen between now and October.

Diarmo hurled a lot of ball in the two games, nice to see


There’s just no interest. I remember bringing a girlfriend to one of my ch matches and she couldn’t believe it. In her club, half the parish would be at every game. GAA is just not a community thing in Dublin as it is down the country and it really takes from the whole package


Am I right in saying that in previous years Diarmo was not permitted to play club hurling by Inter-County Football management?


As long as I remember he’s played at least some part.

Last year due to the replay with Mayo they went ahead with the championship without him.

Not sure if this was a decision made by the county board to prevent more delays or what was the reason.


Not correct. He has played whenever he could.