Dublin Senior A Hurling Championship (SHC A) 2017


H Stevey. That isn’t the team was referring to. Ballyboden were never in the mix in that era. I would be referencing 2002 onwards and they certainly weren’t quality sides in my opinion


It’s a lot better on the northside then is reported. Likes of Clontarf had no hurling teams previously. Maurs have a player on the Dublin team. It’s just because O Tooles and Craobh are on a slide and the likes of Vincent’s didn’t promote hurling for about a decade that gives the impression it’s on the slide. Because the traditional clubs took their eye off the ball. But Na Fianna are improving and Vincent’s seem to be too.
Five years from now could be stronger then it’s ever been


A pain in my hoop, trying to read that. I’m sure you have lots of good points to make but please try to use some punctuation.


Thank you for all your hard work, I believe it is very much appreciated, and enhances our community.:+1:


What one can you not understand ?


I didn’t say I couldn’t understand your post. I just requested some punctuation to make it easier to read.







Big second half performance is right having taken a while to get to the pitch early on we played with great energy and skill second half. The pace of this game was brilliant, and giving the recent comments re: high catching of the ball there was a clinic put on in this regard with a number of players producing some huge catches. Would imagine that this one one of the games of the round.


So its not just the lad on grassroots gaa getting it wrong. Dublin gaa match report on cuala boden left out the fact that john Sheanon was missing as well. Though the report was very quick to point out the players cuala was missing,it hadn’t the same attention to detail afforded the boden starting 15. Wonder where john Sheanon was anyway. Fine player. Anyone know what the story is with him ? Big loss last game.
Clash of the all Ireland champions on weds , Faughs v Cuala. Think its a tad unfair for cuala to have a short turnaround. Should have too much for faughs though. Crumlin will give boden a game. Some great hurlers with pace in Crumlin and with Darren Whelan back they should be solid.


Sorry sir :+1:t2:


And to answer your question, I believe it’s a much better format now.


Bringing in Nolan, Travers and Enda Kinsella sealed the Deal for Boden. Kinsella in particular who brought physicality to the HF line


Attendances at dublin club hurling matches are pitiful, even players family members dont attend. I’ve been at round robin matches in other counties where there were a couple of thousand… I was at a snr b match on sat and there were about 50 spectators


Fair point . I remember one incident when a certain known hatchet man tried to horse Travers out of it and he lifted him out of it . That was the new Ballyboden


No odds on paddy power yet.whats up with the people’s bookie ? Anyone told him the championship is on again from tomorrow?


Be interesting to see what way Judes Crokes is priced.

Prior to the last round of games you’d expect Crokes to be a 1/2 shot against them.

Imagine it’s more like 1/20 now


bought out werent they? new owners probably dont know what GAA is.


Betfair and Paddys merged.

Themselves & Boylesports will have prices by latest tomorrow afternoon


They had prices up for last week’s games anyway. They must be running scared after I cleaned them out for about 50 quid on my 6 team acca last week!!!