Dublin Senior A Hurling Championship (SHC A) 2017


Great day for Cuala and Dublin hurling. They could win a few more yet before they are finished. What an achievement.


Great win. Not a great game but conditions were tough.


Well done again to Cuala. Great side.
Liam Mellows playing with sweeper with the strong wind. :roll_eyes: They were full of roaring in Cuala’s faces too. Think it shows a real weakness.
Should be a cracking final. The best 2 club sides of the past 3 years. Probably the best club backs in the country v the best club forwards in the country. Some great duals on Paddys day. Not least the Na P full back and Con.
Hopefully Paul Shutte will be back.
Thought O Connell was great again.


Sean Moran is just a class hurler. He will be a huge addition to Dublin. As will O Connell, midfielders have to be able to carry the ball at speed, and he most definitely can.


Huge congrats to all in Cuala, magnificent achievement. Go win the bloody thing again now!


Na Piarsaigh Boylan and Grimes both failed in their appeals against Red Cards and will now miss All Ireland Club final v Cuala on St Patrick’s Day.


Is it the case the draw for this and all Hurling Championships are on hold pending the Thomas Davis football appeal ? 4 weeks to first game and no draw made yet…


Looking forward to this, should be a good one. best of luck to the cuala lads in here.


Hopefully Dublin’s next game after Sunday be it a 1/4 final or a relegation play off does not clash with the Cuala game! Listed for same weekend anyway!


No games will be fixed opposite the club All Ireland’s.


I wouldnt imagine they’d be back for a few weeks


Is it the TD appeal that’s holding up this draw also?


That’s what people are saying on this but it makes no sense.

@Boarddelegate1 might know more about it?


Agree it makes no sense thats why I’m enquiring ?
Complete silence from Parnell Park about the draw…


Cuala getting a run out in coke park after Dublin Kerry team - a long run out under floodlights! Hopefully na piarsaigh get the same :grin:


They will if they want to.


Will all the white lines be gone?


Said it before, you never dissapoint!

In like Flynn. Errol, not Paul.


There was mountains of the white stuff there last week!


In fairness, they did get a run out, but not under lights. Obviously whatever contacts they had wouldn’t stretch to paying the extra electricity bill!!