Dublin Senior A Hurling Championship 2016


100% southside team… changed times


Relations in the USA want to watch the match on TG4.
Any idea how to stream it.?
Web sites, IP addresses ?


Download hola app and you can change computer ip setting to trick the player you’re in Ireland


Big congrats to Cuala. Great achievement. They beat OLG by more than the scoreboard suggested. They still have plenty to improve on and if they do improve and play to their potential will be very hard bet in the semis and final.
Best of luck in the rest.


Cuala won Leinster easier then they won Dublin, which is a very good sign…


Didn’t know were to put this. Heard last night Trinity Gaels have reformed their Adult Hurlers again for 2017. Best of luck, great to see them back Hurling.


Does that mean Dean Kelly will go back?


It might do @Brogan. From what I was told, big push from a lot of former players etc. Great to see.


Bad news for Vincents if he does, but of course would be great if he went back to his home club.


Hopefully he does, would be huge boost for them, lot of time for them.


They were a good team in their day, shows if you dont put the work in the game dies.
A lot of clubs took good players off them from when they peaked until they folded.


Good for them. Clongriffin growing in population big time so plenty of future players there. What grade will they re-enter at?


Was told they’re starting either Div 6/7. Rebuilding has to start somewhere, hopefully players who moved to other clubs come back and they can work back towards former glory. Go n-éirí libh.


Most of them late 30s ?


I’d say so plus one or two 40 plus!


Hard to see much of a revival really . Best of luck to them though


Important to have an adult team, if only for juveniles to see that there is one.


That’s what it’s being set up for, they’ve minors coming through.


Hopefully anybody who left for other clubs will do the right thing and go back to the club. It was only 2002 when Trinity Gaels were playing senior A championship. I know it may seem like a long time ago to some but some of those guys would still be a big addition to the team starting back up and getting younger lads through


Do the Kilkenny Champs now play the Ulster Champs and the winners play Cuala ?