Dublin Senior A Hurling Championship 2016


Yeah, best of luck RockShandy!


What about the other 3.5 months? Oh yea, August is off because of holidays as well. So might as well have inter county those months then?

The league finished in september? So Cuala are the only senior A club still getting regular games (relegation play offs aside) so there’s another big chunk of the calendar where only a very few people are playing. Whats the point in expanding the club schedule when there are so few games anyway.

Club and county seasons need to be totally redrawn.


If we can contain a good club forward unit I’d hope our boys will have too much firepower up front. Thanks men. As always this time of year is unpredictable. Will update if possible when there.


Best of luck @rockshandy off to a christening but will be watching on the twitter machine


They do but playing in July isn’t the answer because nobody is here to play in it . That’s the bottom line . Clubs would be missing half their teams . Others struggle to field in this period
Said it before all leagues should be finished by first week of July. Championship from mid August to end of September


Best of luck today, rockshandy. Really hope Cuala can do it.


Tough battle so far. Goal took wind from us but back level.


Half time 3 up. Don’t think there will be much in this in the end. Davids frees vital. Phone dying:-(


Great win. Sean and con ( they would be huge additions going forward with Dublin seniors) caused all sorts of problems with movement. They faded in 2nd half as a team. Post more later. Big day ahead now. Delighted with the win, not so on the treatment going into the ground as an ‘elder supporter’.


Congrats on the Win @rockshandy.


Indeed. Congrats to all in Cuala, bigger days ahead hopefully!


Any idea’s on how to respond to following text message:

ID4640615, St Oliver Plunketts ER, g p,Setanta, g p,Drumnigh, 14:00, 20/11/2016 SHCA relegation

Answers on a postcard to:

Late Late Toy Show,
Dublin 4.


Plunkett’s should be ashamed of themselves. They misused a rule and won. Our players were ready to play. It is nearly December. They are a disgrace.


I see the other game was played clearly no players on a stag in them clubs


The reason given at DCB meetings is that games can’t be played in July / August (this year) because Clubs won’t play when their players are with Dublin footballers or Under 21 hurlers.
When one inter county team is successful it holds up games in both codes.


Teams can’t field for league games in July. How in god’s name would they play championship matches?


Great win… Ye could go all the way now…


Yea I’m not saying force people to play in July/August but just highlighting how few matches there are in general and the issue with knockout competition sees cuala getting plenty of games whereas everyone else is done.


Join club players association on twitter. They are serious about change over 5000 followers and counting


Are you telling me that club football Champo would be held up if Dublin Hurlers were going better than the footballers? Don’t think so…