Dublin Senior A Hurling Championship 2016


Hearing relegation games are off tomorrow one club missing some players used the rule book to make a mockery of the championship


Full 5 days proper notice not given and case brought to Leinster!!!


Very colourful language there. Rules are rules, if they’re not being followed, there are repercussions!


Worse than using a Cheque Book?


So we give out when championships are held up for players that hardly play hurling but when someone from parnells makes a point attack parnells state rules are rules and brush over the fact the original fixtures where made over five days ago a club not happy with the date as they knew they where going to be missing players demand the draw gets made again and when it is claim that five day rule wasn’t adhered to i for one think that is a joke


And if that’s the case, it will be proven by the CCC. It’s not a perfect system, but it works! And don’t give me the “woe is me in Parnells” This has nothing to do with your club, I have nothing against your club at all. It was how you coloured your post that I answered.

There’s your side to the story, there’s the other side, and somewhere in the middle is the truth! Normally!


Dunno what the middle or start might have been but it appears that the CCC were happy to proceed but a stop was put to it by Leinster this lunch time.


And rochey am I not allowed make a point when it’s not my club involved it would limit the games most people would be allowed post on then if that was the case


Firstly I’m a neutral in this i just think dragging the county board down to leinster to get a game changed because lads are away is a joke the other 3 clubs in this wanted the games to go ahead it has been a long season


I agree completely. That rule is there to prevent county boards from just dropping fixtures on teams. Dragging the CCC to Leinster to argue you had four day’s notice instead of five is both pathetic and embarrassing. The kind of thing that would make volunteers just pack it in.


I wish that people would get upset more at the fact that we had 10 weeks in the Summer with perfect weather and no hurling!


There you go again. I never once said you couldn’t comment. I have no vested interest in this game either. As I said, it was the way you posted that I took issue with. Nothing is ever that black and white…

Anyway, carry on all of you! I’m sure you all know the full facts and can make a very reasoned discussion about it!


Exactly! Dubs were knocked out in early July. How are lads supposed to improve without games. Far too many gaps in the season.


Agree 100%

This neglect of club players for the expense of the county scene needs to be addressed very soon. The price of our county footballer’s success? Yes, but there needs to be a middle ground found very soon!


I fully agree with @parnellshurler. The original fixture was made I would imagine at the last Co Board meeting, and it’s been on all fixture lists sent out to clubs well over two weeks ago.

To lodge an objection to the fixture for what ever reason puts into question the integrity of the Co Board, and IMO is an utter disgrace, but, as @Rochey states it will be proven by CCC.

I know we don’t always agree on ResDubs with some of the decisions coming from DCB, but, if it does turnout the fixture was changed due to one Clubs player availability, then the DCB opened themselves up for another objection by re-fixing the games within the 5 day rule, IMO the original fixture should have stood.
I think it’s a shame and an embarrassment on the Club in question going to Leinster, but, again it’s within the Rules.

Personally, we didn’t care who, where or what time it was played tomorrow once it was played, lads had changed work, holidays and other commitments for the 1st fixture, then for the 2nd fixture, now it’s off.

As was said above it’s been a long season for all clubs across the County and players just want the season to end.


Whats the state of play? Are the games definitely cancelled??


But it’s not like there’s hundreds of county matches getting in the way. its fixture constipation. Dublin were knocked out of the hurling championship on July 02, take Liam rushe as an example, how many times has he hurled for pats in the 4.5 months since then? There’s just too few games all round.


Nobody would play in July due to holidays and j1s. So the argument is largely irrelevant


Big day for us as a club today. Hopefully players can build on the last day and Con starts as well🙏🏿


Best of Luck - would be great to see a Dublin club win Leinster again after so long.