Dublin Senior A Hurling Championship 2016


They better not go on a run, we’ll have no one left to play for Dublin at this rate.


Were they on fire or was it down to slack defending?


Was the Laois crowd’s first time … too nervy, I knew they’d briquette…


I heard they played a banger and will be turfed out…


They were shite but Cuala disposed of them clinically. Cant ask anymore


Think you missed the point there old bean!


Cuala were exceptional in the first 11-12 minutes, the game was clearly gone from BK.
The pitch was actually in great nick, the grounds staff must be credited for a lot of hard work getting it into such great shape.
Whilst Con O’Callaghan will get the credit, there was exceptional ball pucked into him.
BK had done their homework on Mark Schutte but didn’t realize Cuala had a secret up their sleeves. He actually has had a very good run of games and was selfless again yesterday.
Cuala are clinical in the tackle, their work rate is their, not so, secret weapon. Cuala backs were very good also, John Sheanon stood out as a player who’s bang on form.
Cuala were perhaps fortunate to win one or 2 of their Dublin Championship games, as there’s very little separating the top Dublin teams.
Would it be fair to say that Dublin’s top 4 teams would compete well in any of the perceived stronger counties?
As winter unfolds the heavier pitches may be a negative factor to Cuala’s progression, because of the type of game they play, but anyone who will beat them will probably win it outright.
Anyone got the latest odds?


How do you know he’s a hired gun? There are people out there that do these jobs for the love of the game.


his deep affinity to the area and his history of similar appointments elsehwere…

he is another Ollie baker to my eyes but perhaps it is love of the game alone


O tooles looking for a few seniors…


That’s interesting. Have they no players coming through at all if they are advertising for players. Who is in charge of O Tooles at the minute?


Arent we all :grin:


Heard some players have walked from the Dublin panel . . . Any truth to the rumours ?


Ahem. See Dublin Senior Hurling 2017 thread


In more breaking news, the Chilean miners have been freed!

Sorry, couldn’t resist!


Wow…any word on the Birmingham 6.


I see Parkinson is having a go at O Tooles on his twitter account. He doesn’t think clubs should be advertising for players?? Pot meet kettle.


We could do with a few more players in Setanta. Parkinson would be especially welcome to call up and try out his hurling skills!!


This just highlights the inadequaces of the whole schedule. Now we have the county champs having a nice little competition for themselves, so yet again the good teams get games and the majority aren’t.

How many hurling matches has Liam Rushe played for pats since Dublin were knocked out in July? Not picking on Liam but just using him as an example.


Anybody know why the relegation was fixed as Plunketts v Ballinteer and Setanta v Pats last week for this Sunday, but now 4 days before, it’s changed to Plunketts v Setanta and Ballinteer v Pats???