Dublin Senior A Hurling Championship 2016


Coals 2.5 to 0.2 after ten minutes. No contest.


10 up now. O Callaghan got 2-3 in first 15 mins


2-11 to 0-4 after twenty five. Con O’Callaghan very impressive. Paul Schutte as well.


Hon cuala!


Great start
We are well ahead


Hat trick for Con. 3.11 to 0.5. Just half time.


Sounds like cuala are playing themselves into form.


Con 4 goals. Great kid


O Callaghan is exactly the type of forward we don’t have - a goalscorer.

Laois team are very poor thought- obviously on the beer since the final


People say we don’t produce forwards, we do but some of the best ones are on the football panel.


Cuala got out of the blocks fairly sharp. Was talking to a Laois woman who said they aren’t that bad - just got hammered early on and heads dropped. Don’t think Ken Hogan would have allowed them to go mad on the lash.


Very diificult to keep a lid on things after either first county win ever or one where its been a period of time. Even with good intentions from management.


Dont think a blow in hired gun would have much control over a club team celebrating its first title


Fair play Cuala good win hopefully go on and take a step further then last year best wishes to them.


Con when playing hurling is uncontrollable. We have only had him back a few weeks. Agreed Laois weren’t up to much today but he showed that form underage too. Huge pity he didn’t play with the 21s last year. They’d have been in a final no doubt.


Who do you have in the next round?


St Mullins carlow in Carlow


Kk champs v wex champs


No score for Mark Schutte I see. His form seems to have dropped a lot this year but I also think he’s more of a Summer hurler. He likes a fast moving ball that he can break onto.


Well done RS. Hope you had something stronger than your name! PG you’ll go on a long run to Paddy’s day. God knows, Dublin hurling needs some good news! No pressure, but the county is depending on you!