Dublin Senior A Hurling Championship 2016


No reason to assume they can’t. The rules giverming players’ availability to clubs are there already in the Official Guide that would allow games to be played in the summer. It’s a case of enforcing them. And not giving in to managers as Mayo did between the semi and the final or as we do between May and September!


I’m waiting for yours on the loss of income . A Your utopian idea hasn’t a hope of ever coming to fruition with an expanding inter county competition.


A utopian idea of enforcing the rules that are there?

Right so.

The loss of income will be down to the poor product on display and the disconnect between club and county. That’s what needs sorting. There will be no expansion of inter county activity. If anything it will be contracted.

And if they lose money then so be it. There is always fat that can be trimmed. Like having thirty people in a back room team😳


It’s clear enough you’ve no understanding of how this concept works at top level.

You might just find club players will be happy enough to have a proper season without having to worry about Dublin playing.

The idea that 2,000 people attending a game in Parnell Park is somehow going to be allowed supercede a 4-5m revenue game in Croke Park really is Walter Mitty land.


The point you’re missing though is there’s no reason both can’t exist once the inter county structure and more importantly the timings are changed.
IC managers need to be put back in their box as far as I’m concerned. They’ve lost the plot, with Gavin probably the worst offender.
If a two minute rant by a GAA pundit can get a new game changing rule introduced, I’d be amazed if a few thousand club players can’t have an impact.


Never mind the fact that a lot of inter county players want to play with their clubs. But what do they know.


We are going down the exact road Rugby did…look at the club scene there now that Leinster, Munster etc are the real Clubs…Copy Cats?


I’d love to see them draw up a silent poll on that. rather then having to play to the gallery.

I’d be very surprised if the results were better then 50/50.

I’ve been told privately by many a county player that playing for their club becomes a pain in the arse after a long inter county season


And I’ve been told the opposite. All anecdotal really


Same. And I’d have spoken to lads from outside Dublin too. Some of them want a seriously contracted inter county season with August, September and October exclusively for clubs. There’s a lot to be said for it.


people keep saying that grassroots rugby is in trouble but is that actually true?


One thing is for sure, the way things are going now is not satisfactory.

The crazy thing is that there aren’t that many actual matches, it’s the wrapping lads in cotton wool and crazy gaps between matches which is pissing everyone off. 5 week gaps and no matches in between is just nuts. the dublin hurlers got knocked out in july and there was no SHC till sept. madness.

still think there are some very simple steps to streamline the number of teams lads play on which would allow each team to have a much more satisfactory season.


I think it’s so different in rugby as, in Leinster anyway, it’s all about schools rugby, and most of those lads wouldn’t play for a club. Underage club rugby (from what I remember of it) has a pretty average set up.
So there is no club loyalty, where lads grow up with aspirations of playing for the adult senior team. For them it’s probably playing for their school senior team, and for Leinster.
The majority of club players probably only joined their clubs after school.


oh right. but in terms of playing numbers, have heard a lot of clubs are fielding less teams then they used to, but then people i know involved say that underage is thriving … but then they consider a town the size of navan having 100 kids out to be thriving.


True but these are Dublin players I’ve spoken to. I know one particular inter county player who doesn’t even like Gaelic Football all that much but just enjoys the profile it gives him


One thing that will stop it is don’t hold the hurling championship for footballers.

At the moment it’s killing 3 championships. The Senior B is still only at the 1/2 final stage and we are in November. There’s a team that has played their 1/4 in early September but still haven’t played the semi final yet.

If you play Senior Inter county football / hurling that is your chosen sport so you can’t hold the other one up. If you have that player it’s a bonus.


try telling some clubs that !! and the bigger they are the worse they get with this


With the Leinster champo now underway, what are Cuala’s chances against Borris-Kilcotton?
I hear they’re very fast and high scoring, anyone got the lowdown?
What time is the match on?
Is it on TG4?


Match at 2pm and not on television Ballyea v Thurles is the live game
Sunday, 06/11/16 @ 1.30pm

Munster Hurling Semi-Final: Ballyea v Thurles Sarsfields
Leinster Hurling Quater-Final: Oulart the Ballagh v St. Rynagh’s


Should be two good matches to be fair