Dublin Senior A Hurling Championship 2016


Shambolic time for it. 3pm on a bank holiday weekend ? Madness


Was just reading online some of the farcical stuff going on around the country re fixture pile ups. Teams playing a round of provincial 24 hours after winning a county championship. One case were a team played a round of junior provincial the weekend before their county semi final as they were the last eligible team available to represent the county. In this particular case the team were missing a heap of lads to a stag weekend and had booked it ages ago because there was no matches pencilled in for that date. They were beaten by a cricket score and then had to go back to their own county championship the week after. Makes angels of the DCB when you compare it to our situation with club fixtures.


Said it previously but the days of county players playing club is coming to an end.


Clubs are furious they don’t have their county players available to them. So they will vote to ensure they never are :weary:.

If anything it will go the other way. The nonsensical proposal from Duffy will be roundly rejected and this club players group could really gain traction.


The county game dictates the finances of the GAA. Money talks.

It would mean club players could have a proper season and actually be able to organise their lives properly instead of the current shambles.

Anyone expecting county managers to allow players to play 3-4 club championship games over the summer all of a sudden is unrealistic in their expectations.


no reason why can’t have the county players playing club and have a fixed club structure. It just needs the right people in the right positions to make some difficult but long overdue decisions.

Will be very interesting to see how the CPA develops- the GAA and GPA have only themselves to blame. I wouldn’t rule out club player strikes next season


Agree with that. They can do it in KK and other counties. A lot of it has to do with bad organisation.

And if inter county managers don’t like it then let them shag off. High time the tail stopped wagging the dog. People went to games in their hundreds of thousands long before some of these managers came along. And they will continue to do so. It’s the jersey, not the player, and certainly not the manager, that people support.

If falling attendances are anything to go by what these managers are producing is a total turn off. They’re the enemy. Not the clubs.


Why would the GPA care ? The CPA will never get off the ground.

Money talks and its too late now as the GAA has essentially allowed professionalism to develop.


I know of one club who seriously considered withdrawing from a hurling championship in protest this year. I wouldn’t be be naming them as I was told in confidence and this team have a county footballer. Point being, it could come to that, club players refusing to fulfil a fixture


It would have to be decreed at national level so that all counties are forced to play a certain number of championship fixtures in August and July. Whether Croke park has an appetite for that is another question as it’s current modus suggests it doesn’t care about clubs.
As regards Finances, We have passed peak interest in inter-county competitions and it’s less inter-county fixtures that are needed not more. It’s fairly obvious that CP think the opposite though.


If you are getting less money for Championship games then invent a reason to have more of them.

I don’t think its a coincidence that the Champo is up for expansion at the same time a massive new TV rights deal is being negotiated.

I think complete separation of club and county may not be too far away.


Back to the game, I thought the standard was very poor. Mulligan made a huge difference when he came on for Crokes. Why wasn’t McGrath on the frees?? Unfortunatly for me, too many of these lads that are being touted here as Dublin Senior players, are not whats required. Kenny had given up on the line when Crokes got two up, he seemed resigned to losing it.Mulligan was MOTM for me, the rest were miles off…well off anyway!! Cronin was good for 15 mins in the first half and dissapeared outta the game.

Tough week for Cuala with the passing of John Hennessy all the same. Couldn’t see them winning Leinster.


Can somebody please explain to me how this is going to happen? Instead of just saying it please explain how the GAA will get a two thirds majority to vote for clubs losing their best players for good. Because if they don’t, it is not going to happen. When the explosion comes it is the inter county scene that will take the hit. We have reached the point of diminishing returns financially. And clearly club players have had enough too. If anything it’s the inter county manager that may well be on the endangered list here.


Its more or less happening already. many clubs don’t have access to their inter-county players until the county team is out of the championship. No club voted for that but it still happens.


That’s not the same thing at all. You said complete separation. As have others. Never going to happen in my view. And the current situation can be changed if the will is there. Or if it is forced by club players.


Inter county decides the finances of the Association. Money talks in all sports - amateur or professional. Clubs get their players for 3-4 games maximum at present. Anyone who thinks this is suddenly heading for double figures is dreaming in my view.
At the moment club players spend their lives dictated to by the inter county scene. With the proposals for the inter county football championship - clubs are going to see even less of their players.

The kite has flown on this 10 years ago. The GAA had a chance to nip professionalism in the bud. But it completely fudged it. Now it requires the finance driven by the inter county scene to finance itself. It isn’t going to take a loss in revenue to facilitate the club game which provides only a fraction of it’s annual income


I’m sure clubs who have no access to their inter-county players for the enitre summer and who are forced to cram their club championships into a few weeks in October will take comfort in arguing over the definition of “complete separation” :slight_smile:


Those proposals haven’t a hope of passing. Again, I am waiting for an explanation as to how the GAA is going to go down the route of rugby with the full support of the clubs who make the players what they are.


If if expanded intercounty Champ gets defeated that just leaves us with the status quo. No positive changes on the horizon…unless the CPA can do something


I’m sure they will. There’s a huge difference between having your players for at least the most important competition in the year and not having them at all. The next thing is to ensure that competition is properly run, not the creation of future Connollys/Brogans/Fentons et al for Dublin and Dublin only.