Dublin’s loss....Donegal’s gain


i thought they did train midweek in Dublin


so we are giving the nordies pitches and players now. :smirk:


You’re on a slippery slope.

First players…then pitches…only a matter of time before we get your womenfolk.


Or in the case of the beauteous Mrs Mullins, our menfolk.


I’ll pack her bag and get her a ticket for McGinleys now…


Sorry…this isn’t a free-for-all to get rid off you other moaning half.

Only applies to single ones. With rich fathers.

And preferably much prettier than ProudDub’s avatar.


Oi…you !

What exactly are you implying there???


I’d have thought you were more the Blighton type no? Anyone for ginger beer?


I don’t miss that bus trip, Esp any bit after Letterkenny.


Any bit after blanchardstown


Not much after Lkenny!


Any bit in Btown!


The guts of 2 hours to get to Ranafast from Letterkenny - murderous run. Be after 2 in the morning when it landed.


Sent off after 20 mins today


Really stupid & petty reaction from Mullins.


Needs to learn the lesson from it.
A lot more officials eyes on players at IC than club and a lot more gamesmanship (not sure if that’s relevant in this case). Has v good disciplinary record at club level so might be lesson learnt well in advance of bigger games ahead for donegal.


Kerry gamesmanship? Surely not??

Yeah think he’ll learn. He’s a good player. Shame he didn’t get a look in with Dublin. Think he would gave something to offer even if not starting.


Anthony or John’s buses?


Anthony, they always arrived first.


Anthony was my granduncle, he was always a good one for being there first although I can’t remember when he gave up the driving. When did you say you would have been living up there?