Dublin Panel 2018


Was it on here someone was saying they had him on 3 dinners a day, McDonalds etc to put on a bit?

Imagine that being the worst of your problems…


Good point. Yea Costello filled out a lot over the last couple of years. And Mannion is almost unrecognisable from a few years ago. I think diet is a big thing also. When lads get on Dublin panel, the diet’s are planned and monitored.


Where do the likes of David Byrne, Reddin, Costello, McHugh as well as the college lads stand with regards to this team holiday? They were all on the panel this year but they were all togged out last week v UCD & rightly so because they need to play football but will they be headed to South Africa or will they be playing OBC?


Only a handful of the full panel from last year are missing the trip, not going to name names, but most are going.


Oh no , please tell me who’s missing the trip


I’m not going


Will Dick Clerkin be writing a article about lads missing the trip? :wink: :wink:


He will in his brown.


Nice photo @URoy


Nice pic with president



Dermo says keep an eye out.


Thats Not Lorcan Molloy. Looks a bit like Him but its not Him.


Q[quote=“JJF, post:192, topic:2549, full:true”]
Dermo says keep an eye out.

Interesting to hear a view like that from inside the camp. From outside, Howard looks one of the most exciting prospects. He was the main player for u21s this year I thought.


They really dissected that podcast didn’t they . I’d say Barry & his sponsor are delighted.



Anyone got o byrne cup panel


I was under the impression that they were doing trials currently for the squad before it is finalised


I would guess a lot of the 21s will be included


They’ll all be on college teams. It will be more like lads who were on periphery of panel or maybe even
lads dropped off it who fancy another go, and some other late developers also who are showing good club form