Dublin Panel 2018


Cameo? He was on for nearly an hour …


Their is no colleges in any subsidiary competition in 2018


Ah but how long is a piece of string


It’s bonkers really. Would love to see him get a clear run at it next year. Taking on Deano in a straight fight for the place-kicking role would be a tough ask currently though. I still recall an exquisite dead-ball display from Costello…NFL the season before last, on a wretched night in Croker IIRC.
The likes of McHugh & Paddy Small will have designs on upping the ante next year too though, you’d imagine.


Yeah think it was against Cork last year? He scored 8 or 9 points and I think they were all in the second half too! One of the few games Deano didn’t start.



Has this been announced yet?


He put on a freetaking exhibition Vs Down in Newry


Was it a double header with the hurlers 2 yrs ago a wet night


Will be in the coming weeks . It’s due to the sigerson and fitzgibbon being brought forward


Good shout.


All the players that I feel have real potential to break through are forwards.
Costello (breaking through is probably the wrong phrase), Small, O’Gara once he gets over the injury, Basquel and Byrne. Personally I think McHugh has been given a fair few shots at it and never left a lasting impression, if it doesn’t click for him this year he could miss his chance.

All of these lads are probably fighting for 1 spot based on last years championship team + Diarmo. You would imagine Gavin won’t drop Kilkenny, Con, Diarmo, Rock or Mannion if he keeps up his form. You add in Scully, Flynn, Brogan, Carthy, Andrews, O’Gara and Kev Mac to that fight and we are very healthy up top. As mentioned above maybe Costello could challenge Rock but Rock really is Gavin’s man, he trusts him and has done it on the biggest of stages imaginable so I don’t see it.

If any of these lads can break into the 26 then they will have done fantastically well, any more than that is a bonus IMO.
Maybe in 2019 when there are 4 or 5 of the above pushing on past 32/33 and perhaps one or 2 retired there will be more chances in the 15. The future looks bright


Killian? back fit again now


Yeah, that’s good to hear. Been impressed any time I have seen him. More natural footballer than his bro


Is there another brother Fergal? He was going well with TSS a few years ago but hasn’t featured recently.


completely different type of player alright


Ye he was playing for a few years but hasn’t played in 2/3 years now at least.


i didn’t know that - that would be good. Although I suppose if Sigerson clashes with O Byrne Cup, no one will be available anyway.


Saw him against Castleknock in Championship and thought his shooting was erratic that day. Seem to have a shoot on sight policy and kicked 4/5 wide in a row in that game. Prob a similar player to Conor McHugh?


His shooting wasn’t great that day but he was only back from injury.


Think he is a better ball winner than McHugh from what I have seen