Dublin Panel 2018


I was pulling your leg.


No Paddy Small overage for u20. Evan Comerford is only player on senior u20 next year. Brian Howard and Paddy Small will be u21


I know, but there are definitely some lurkers on here.


Would like to see Gavin get a run out. Has a great engine and has probably overtaken his club mate Emmett O’Conghaile in the pecking order for midfield.


i think at this stage anyone playing dublin AFL1 midfield has passed O’Conghaile out.

and in the u21 final in Tullamore vs Roscommon he looked to be the next brian Mullins


I think Paddy Small might be ‘cup tied’ with a college for the O’Byrne cup, but would imagine he could well be brought into Gavins squad for next years league anyway given his recent form.
I also think we might see Reddin of St Maurs back involved for the O’B cup and league too, even though he didn’t see any time in the championship this year.


I’d say he could begin to feel an acute pain in the ballix soon enough


Well no Dub will come back from Oz injured anyways, 'cos none of them are travelling. Gotta love the headline. Off The Boil, yis never let us down :grin:


Afaik the only three guys asked were Jamesy, Dermo and Con - all still in club Champo. More sh1te from these w⚓️s that some of ye still read and listen to …


Quotes from Fenton in the link.


Didn’t read that but I know Fento’s decision is work related. Imagine. And these are the guys that don’t have jobs …


Can David Clifford not captain the Ireland team in this series?


I’d say there were a lot more asked


I don’t know. I think ‘Aidan O Se Ireland captain’ has a great ring to it.


But the Aussies won’t be interested in Aido at this stage.


Joe kernan said in and interview he won’t be asking any dubs as he feels they need a break


Don’t tell him that !


I think guys being college tied is holding back their advancement a little, the OBC is the only real chance these guys get to show their stuff. It is one of the reasons most guys aren’t breaking through until they have left college.

From what I have seen of Small this year, he is special. He could possibly be pushing for a first 15 place come the summer time. Might have been there already if injury hadn’t kept him out of the u21 team this year. I am excited by the prospect of Small and Howard making a bit of a breakthrough next year.


Personally, I felt Flynn looked a bit off the pace during his cameo against Mayo - albeit, he looked sharp against a dwindling Tyrone. News is he’s staying on too. Thankfully, JG doesn’t do sentiment or reputation. If PF is performing to the desired level, I’d be delighted to see him stick around in a quite experienced group. Not an ageing group by any means.


Listen? Nah. Read? Only in very small doses. Although, trust me, I’m workin’ on it. Plan to be clean in 2018 :wink: