Dublin Panel 2018


If anything the chances of them beating us are deteriorating. They ain’t getting stronger as same bunch players get older and very little new talent coming through.


12 matches league and champo and counting since 2012


Hopefully, As Jonny Cooper said not on my watch


People go on about only three or four teams with a realistic chance of winning the All Ireland, can anyone tell me when that was ever different? The odd surprise may have come up like Donegal in 2012, but even at that they were in a semi the previous year.
Same as people talking about our incredible run at the moment, yes it is is incredible, but not anymore than what Kerry have done in the not too distant past or Kilkenny in the hurling. My point is very little has changed, there have always been three or four teams ahead of the rest and there has often been a dominant team over a few years.


Dublin have to be vulnerable next week.


Read message properly I am saying people are mad if they think kerry or the mayos aren’t capable of beaten dubs . I was answering another post


They don’t have to be but they probably will be.


This just might be league campaign that they end their losing streak against us, if the team named for tomorrows FBD fixture, is anything to go by. Judging by that, they ain’t mucking about this Spring. Even Big Aido is gracing us with his presence in January, which he doesn’t normally do.


Ah sorry dude I did indeed read it wrong! And I agree with ya!


Tyrone are playing their top guns all year round. No good to them. I would think Mayo have more players that need careful management than most. They do not have the depth needed so I would be surprised to see them do anything of note in the League - and if they do I think their Champo season would suffer,


Maybe with the advent of the Super 8’s, they have decided that another loss to Galway in Connaught, isn’t really an option this year. If they swan into the Connaught championship under cooked, (as they did for the past two years,) a 3rd loss in a row, is a distinct possibility. Treating the leage with more seriousness than they usually do, may prevent against that.


It’s a fine line.


Donegal beat Armagh 0-20 to 1-10 in the McKenna Cup semi this evening. McBrearty got 8 points but MotM … Nathan Mullins!! :flushed:


Last year we were going for 3 in a row . Gavin tried getting us to peak a little further down the road in Championship . So OBC was used to give extended panel a run. Guys came back later for league , We were still good enough to make league final and possibly Kerrys extra bit of training enabled them to get over the line in final.
I spoke with a Dublin player recently while out to dinner. Who was still a littIe bit annoyed we didn’t win another league when we dicussed the Kerry game, but added that loss probably helped them to win Sam.
Div 1 for some counties is about maintaining a foothold in the league and getting as many ganes against top opposition (Kildare for example)For others it offers a chance of a league final and possible medal(Tyrone).
For the likes of Dublin, Mayo, Kerry an opportunity to play new guys, tweek systems , slowly build up fitness levels and see where they can improve on preparations they used the previous year in the league as regards being ready for August.


0-20 sounds more like Donegal’s combined score for an NFL season.


That’s Bart’s fault , he defected because he said he wasn’t inter county level .


Typical vincents …another non dub stopping local lads getting a game :joy:


I think Mayo could be the big losers out of the Super 8 thing. The last few years have shown they can live with ourselves and Kerry on their day but can really struggle to beat teams that wouldn’t finish within 10 points of us or Kerry (eg Derry and Roscommon last year). They only seem to have two or three big games a year in them and I expect the requirement to produce something like their best at least four times will catch them out, maybe even at the Super 8 stage.


Yeah I was thinking similarly. One draw and one defeat in Super 8s and you could be gone.


Super 8’a is waste of time.
It will only:

  • demean provincials instead of necessary scrapping of them
  • result in more meaningless matches
  • benefit dublin who are only current squad who can rest 4 or 5 players In group matches ahead of semis (Mayo are no.2 first 15 but maybe not no.2 Panel which comes more into play when you’ve 3 super 8 games, then semi and final). Next years championship could be just like extended Leinster championship :sleeping:

Though in long run, it’ll be for the good as an entire championship year or two that loses nationwide publics interest will force gaa to finally bite the bullet on few issues.