Dublin Panel 2018


I think O’Conghaile missed his chance in the two games. He’s been in or around the panel for sometime and hasn’t been able to force his way in. I would agree with the rest alright, in particular Carthy as I thought he was excellent in the Offaly match.


O Conghaile wasn’t as good as I have seen him in the past in the Offaly game. But I did read he was better in the Wexford game. But I think they do always look at guys, especially those that are relatively close. Reddin got into the panel last year and got a lot of league time, and he would be older.

I could see Carthy being a starter this year. He was a superb minor and U21 and he seems to have his fitness back now. I am very excited about seeing him in the league.

Outside of that, I didn’t really see anyone new in the O Byrne Cup. Basquel and Howard are on the panel already, and I would think at least one of those would edge closer to the starting 15 (Howard if I was to make a choice).

I actually think Murchan will get chances in the league. He will probably be one of the smallest inter-county players out there, and it is going to be difficult for him. If he is to make it, they are nearly going to have to design a role for him, but he is something special. His man marking job in the u21 final was as complete a shutdown of a player as you will ever see, and he was a foot smaller.


O’Conghaile is by all accounts a fine hurler. Might be worthwhile giving that a go if his chances on the football side are slim.


Murchan also played basketball all the way growing up and has a leap better then I have ever seen. That doesn’t mean he won’t struggle in the air, but it gives him a very good chance to compete. I would say he would be excellent on a designed man marking role on smaller players - Niall Kelly of Kildare, Andy Moran even


The first time I ever saw him play was a county minor game against Wexford I think in DCU. I was standing near him and I honestly thought they were giving someone’s little brother a run out or something, he looked about 12. Then the ball came in and he jumped a foot higher then the Wexford lad, and carried it up the pitch with ease. The basketball influence actually makes sense after you mention it, you can see it in is acceleration and turning ability.

(That game also sticks in my mind as O Donnell (Whitehall - the hurler) was playing midfield and he was a class apart from everyone else on the field. If he hadn’t went with the hurling he would have been a real football prospect).


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I don’t think at this stage it makes a difference who has been training and who hasn’t. If Dublin want to win the league they probably will even with feck all training. If they’re not bothered about the league, they’ll still have a fair chance. The game has consolidated down so much into an elite 3 or 4 and another 2 or 3 maybes that most of them know they wont have a serious game till mid-july and are wasting their time putting in hard graft in januaury. the days of getting a batin off someojne in leinster at the start of june and thats your summer fucked are long gone. brolly’s right, we have the gombeens like ó fearghail to thank for that. the game is f88ked except for a few at the top of the pyramid and they might as well pay them officially now instead of drawing it out. I wouldn’t say a split in the organisation is that far away and no, i’m not takin the piss. maintenance strength and conditioning and feck all else till mid april i’d say for many of the dublin team.


I take it you have been hanging around with alanoc and iomaint. Won t somebody please think of the children.


Same as it ever was.


Do you really think Dublin don’t need to train and be at their best to beat Kerry, Mayo and Tyrone


No team should be at their best in the league if they want to beat the top teams in championship


Every single sport has the cream , the contenders and the no hopers . That’s sport . I think ur wrong if u think kerry , mayo aren’t capable of beaten dubs . At the moment we are going tru an unbelievable successful cycle but this won’t last forever . The biggest problem for the sport is the power county managers have . The this connection of this players from their clubs . U 20 , u 21 should be ran around club teams , not players taken away wrapped up and never released back to clubs . U 20 football are playing a summer league qualified blitz yet they are training since Jan 2nd clubs haven’t seen them . They should be brought together 4 weeks at most before this secondary competition starts . Same with 21 hurler when are they out yet training 3 days a week . Result these young lads don’t train with clubs , don’t be around , club connection is being lost . At senior level players should be released back to play and train with clubs throughout the year between the big gabs in championship. Our dub player played 2 league games last year . Tyrone , Monaghan roscommon are just a few that have starred games . Where county players play league . In these counties they play maybe 10 out of 15 games . Keeps the connection. Shows it can be done . Same as this April county fee nonsense. Won’t work unless the rule comes from croke park across the board that every county follows . Not leaving up to the county themselves or more importantly the manager


League form is important these days. Teams put a lot more emphasis on league now. You won’t see a div2 team or bottom half of the div 1win an All Ireland anytime soon.


I disagree, Dublin put no emphasis on winning the league last year and still made the final. The fact nobody outside the top 3/4 will win the all Ireland is more down to the current gulf in class than the emphasis put on league form imo.


I disagree. You don’t really believe that Dublin have downed tools since September do You? Players all giving specific programmes and continually monitored and tested.


Of course they dont completely down tools. But there was clearly a different approach to the league last year to previous years, I think management realised it would be a massive ask to try and maintain such a high level for a full season again.
Also, Dublin are a little different to other counties given the fact they have such strength in depth. There is no way even Mayo or Kerry could have lads training to win the league and expect them to keep that going until August/September.


That has absolutely nothing to do with the league. There are three teams that can win the All Ireland. And it’ll make no difference how they do in the league.


Ah will ya stop with that. Of course they are capable. One of these days they are going to be on the right side of a result against us.