Dublin Minors/U17 Footballers 2018


Fair play on the discipline - very often the Achilles heel of Wickla teams.


In all fairness, if posters can’t critique team (currently being discussed without naming names), surely there is no real benefit in having a thread on it.
As age group now a year lower, that may be something to consider.
You’re as likely to get 2 to 3 potential seniors from “under permforming team” team as much as good team.
Many a senior cub at moment who had terrific underage success but haven’t seen the benefits and conversely some clubs have very little underage success but seem ti unearth the 2 or 3 a year needed to keep rejuvenation going.


I think there’s real problem in how we are developing & preparing our underage football teams. We have multiple development squads from u14 up. We have more squads & numbers than nearly every other county. What in the name of God are we doing with these players. If anything it appears we’re stopping them playing football & learning from playing.

We get great credit from those that know their football about what we’ve done the last 10 years or so in getting our act together. Appears however we’re still a shambles at underage county level. No excuse with the numbers & resources we have. There is no excuse for only 2 x all Irelands in In 35 years.


We need to ditch the hurley.


Maybe Dublin are thinking long term development of players and not just picking the big lads who can motor through lads at underage. Maybe, just maybe there’s more to it.
Not saying I disagree with you. But we’ve had a fair few minor teams that have done sfa but have developed well at u 21 and further.


WAS thinking the same amigo, 4 u21 and 5 senior since 2010 suggests we’re doing more right then we are wrong.


Another part of the problem is that it is not always the best players who are sent to the development squads as is the case at a number of clubs that I know of. How much time do the Managers spend looking at matches / players independently of the Team Managers nominations?


Much and all as I’m not mad about development squads I have often seen managers and selectors at matches over the years


Agree Alan. Often too much focas on devel squads and often lads that have a dip in form are dropped ( often too quickly ) and the clubs then have to help them back which can be very hard at times… clubs defo do huge work at minor levels and but with all that it is great too see young dubs beat Kilkenny in great style. Well done to all…


Not to forget the lads who get selected at 12/13 years of age and believe they made it and goes to their head.
So many drop off the radar which I think it’s why U20 is the true measure of a good team now.
Once lads hit 18 they need to work extremely hard to make the step up into adult both club and county.


Minors winning well. But Wicklow just got a goal and lead by 3 against Meath.



Won 5-19 to 0-9


Wicklow/Meath level with three minutes left according to Wicklow twitter. We need Meath to win.


Wicklow ahead by 1 again. 2mins left




They’re up by two now.


Over Wicklow win. 1-10 to 1-8.
Shield game on Saturday now


Unlucky lads.


Shield? They’ve had five games. They should be playing with clubs tomorrow evening.

Certainly dual players should be released to the hurlers now.

Disappointing stuff all round. Never seemed to settle on a team and stick with it. Hard to believe having had five games to try and get it right.

How hard did Meath try in the second half? Looks like they may have eased up a little…