Dublin Minors/U17 Footballers 2018


Result doesnt surprise me tonight, have heard players from u16 teams were drafted in which is mad when there is players playing minor and good enough to make the team… could name five players from different clubs in Dublin that should be on that team and shocked they arent even on the panel… fact is the team thats there are not good enough losing to Meath and Wicklow isnt good enough for the standard of players that are there in Dublin… have yet to see any coaches out viewing players in some minor games this year, not sure how they pick players if they arent even out looking at minor games…


I mean it’s like two kids having a race, and one of the kids has been given special coaches by his Dad and expensive equipment etc., but he loses. If the winning kid turns around and says to him it’s not fair that you are getting all this expensive training, the losing kid could say, ‘well it doesn’t really matter anyway, because basically I am crap’. He would win the argument because its a strong argument under the circumstances - but who wants to say that?


Our lack of success at Minor level over many years now does not support the theory that we are an over funded Aryan race that will take over the GAA


With the new age group it hard to judge future success on the back of results from 15 and 16 year olds.




I think you’ve got it right here WiFi. Losses to Kildare and Meath underage have always happened and they will nearly always be on a par with up at this level, but there’s no excuse for a result like that against Wicklow.

However, I do think on here sometimes there are way too many people who simply forget about dublin gaa pre 2011. We’ve won 2 minor all Ireland’s in the last 30 years. We only won our first u21 in 03 and have only 5 to our name. Dublin has never been an underage powerhouse.

Basing our underage expectations on the standards of our senior team is wrong, and it will probably stay that way as long as the seniors are successful. We are not entitled to have every single football team we produce now at an all ireland winning level, but there should be every expectation we’d beat Wicklow at any level


One more like.


2 in 35 years…


Goes to show it’s not that reliable a guage


Indeed it’s not but it also proves we aren’t creating monsters from age 12!!


Jesus, they are 15 and 16 year olds!!! I’m sure they are crestfallen for not beating Wickla but they have a chance at redemption against Westmeath. Less of the negative waves…


Don’t think anyone is having a pop at the kids. There’s a pattern of underachievement going on for some years now that people are concerned with.


I see they took off the whole half forward line at half time, something I’ve never seen before. Hopefully they can beat Westmeath, and Meath can do us a favour. Fair play to Wicklow, managed by Kevin O’Brien, I don’t understand why other counties don’t fill their underage with ex-players, legends.


Jason Sherlock is managing Dublin. And Paddy Christie had two fairly futile years even after success with Ballymun. Doesn’t always work out.


Jesus, that’s extreme. It does sound like they are very much still trying to find the team.


And after four games they don’t seem to have an idea what their best team is. Either that or it’s a very poor group.


Still not having a pop at the kids?


Nope. I suspect it’s a management issue. Could be the kids have not been coached well. That’s what I meant.


Just reading about this Wicklow issue with guys cramping. It’s mentioned here and in news reports. Was that genuine or time wasting?

I was only following the scores on twitter, but there seemed to be crazy long spells without scores


Seemed genuine to me, very warm out there and in fairness to the Wicklow lads they covered every blade of grass out there.
Long periods without score, well lets just say the shooting was very erratic. 4 points in the first half with about 6 or 7 wild efforts. They only scored a point in the first 15 minutes of the second half, couldn’t break them down. Kevin O’Brien has them set up very well, excellent discipline shown throughout.