Dublin Minors/U17 Footballers 2018


Whatever about the best he is certainly one of the best six forwards in the county. Hopefully he can show it this evening.


I saw them one and Rory Dwyer from St Margarets was the best player, really surprised if they dropped him.




2nd goal for Wicklow. :grimacing:


2 goals down at half-time.


Not going well by the sounds of it.


All the changes?! Be some shock to be bet by WIckla!


Can’t help


Am at the game, bit of a disaster, Wickla seem to want it more, hopefully an improvement in the second half


If they are beaten are they out ??


Dependent on other results. Most likely we would be.



Mother of God, Wicklow!


We are a shambles at minor level going back many years. You’d have to question what we are at. Do we not care or are we prioritising u20/21 level?


Once we are winning U20/U21 it’s not the end of the world I guess.


Must be nearly over now and seems to be only two scores in the second half - strange




8 points is a very poor return.