Dublin Minors/U17 Footballers 2018


Quite possibly the round robin does give team a little wriggle room. However it should also give team management a little time to reconsider selection policy. I noted with amazement the non inclusion of one particular player in last nights 26, who would be considered by may (not just inside his own club) as the outstanding forward in Dublin at this age.Hopefully its not the same issue that seems to dog so many inter county team selections- ‘Politics’.


If it’s a lad from Vincent’s he’s injured.

If not then I’d argue with you that whoever you’re talking about is not the best forward at this age group :joy::joy:


It seems unlikely a lad that good wouldn’t be involved bar injury. There are often arguments around borderline cases, but a lad that is considered to be the best must be injured or doing something else I would guess.


Although he didn’t start the first game despite being fit. Which is absolutely baffling.


Good win in Offaly tonight. Should make top 2 now with home v Wicklow and away
V Westmeath to come




This was the team sheet with 16 19 and 20 coming in.


Could be a shoot out vesus Wicklow

Wicklow’s last games they have scored 5-12 and 2-20.


Excuse my ignorance folks but it’s a long time since I played Minor, even as a “banger”.
Does U.17 mean 17 years and under or is there a date criterion to determine eligibility ?
Cheers. I noticed there’a an old mate of mine’s young fella is on the panel. He’s a flyer.


You must have been born on or after 1st of January of the year concerned. In this case it would be 2001.


They scored that against Louth and Westmeath - both winless and also lost to Offaly scoring 14 points. I would expect us to win well at home but the next games aren’t for 4 weeks.


Why is there what appears to be an exam break when none of the players should be doing exams? Wasn’t that the reason for switching. Don’t think the hurling has a break, which is even more curious.


Never made sense to me moving it from U18 when there is a break anyway.
U16’s playing now and could be doing Junior Cert.


The younger the age grade the more unpredictable and less structured the teams are.


Loads doing lc at 17. Not everyone on a 6 year cycle in secondary school


And yet there’s no break for the hurling? Whole thing makes no sense.


Should have been moved in line with colleges football. U19 age group and left 21s alone. Making it younger was a very odd move IMO. These lads are now missing out playing club football and hurling if they’re talented enough to make county panels. Dual players are playing two matches a week the past month. Madness. Lads who then are not picked for match day panels are at an age now where it will turn them off GAA as they aren’t building the same relationships with their club mates due to missing games.