Dublin Minors/U17 Footballers 2018


They were handed the game by the worst ref in the country. May as well be a non contact sport with him in charge.


He was in his arse swinging out of his neck. But even if you give them that the two before that got them level were absolutely outrageous decisions.


He fouled him about 8 times in 8 steps - he got yellow carded. It was stupid indiscipline. Not the ref’s fault.


We need to have Minor at U19. Lads are still only kids at U17, even the hairy ones.


Just go back to U18.



Sherlock stepping aside form U17 group.


Sure the group is finished. Why would he continue? Surely the U16 managers from this year get their chance next year?

Shouldn’t have been double jobbing anyway. Doesn’t work.


He was the 16s manager as well Alan.
Each manager takes 2 age groups.
Think it’s fair to say, this years minors had a very bad experience, when this should have been the pinnacle but unfortunately it was never about them…
The comparison between this management team and the one’s below is night and day
Best decision for everyone


Presume Sherlock is being groomed to replace Gavin?


Doubt that very much.


I think that might be what he’s interested in. I, not sure it’s going to happen. The debacle at minor will not have helped the cause.


I would have thought deegan would be a good bet to follow gavin into the hot seat


Perhaps Jim will do an MH on this and we won’t have to consider replacements til nearer 2030.


Ref blowing every time galway player lays a hand on a kerryman but is allowing kerry be very physical


Not a proper five in a row by the way. Last year’s U17 competition cannot be ignored. They didn’t win it. Weren’t in the final. Mad that no one has brought it up :wink:


They’d bring it up if it was us.

Great point though. Congrats Kerry on your one in a row.


Some achievement, if it was u20s i’d Be getting worried.


Joke sherlock was manager of that team this year… drafted in many castleknock players from u 16 (maybe because he is taking over the castleknock minor team next year) many players dropped that should have been on the team and from talking to parents who had kids involved he had very little involvement, very disapointing for kids that only had one year minor…after his display as minor manager this year doubt he would be a good replacement for jim gavin…