Dublin Minors/U17 Footballers 2018


Both semis have been of a great standard. Delightful to watch.


Monaghan have gifted Kerry about 5 scores offpoor kick outs and have needlessly gifted possessions to Kerry several times. A very error ridden performance

Dylan Geaney looks good for Kerry and the Monaghan number 10 is a good prospect too.


Things just got interesting !!!


All square !!!
If the minors lose this will truely be tragic year for kerry :joy:


Monaghan further embarrassing the rest of the country.


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. A very error ridden performance

Agreed. A lot of mistakes but this is the most enjoyable match I’ve watched in some time. Bualadh bos.


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Far more entertainment at this level.


Their centre of excellence is 10 years old - they have always been progressive. A credit to the GAA. Except Dick Clerkin.


Jesus :hushed::hushed::hushed:
7 minutes of added time


Disgraceful free to Kerry. Shocking


Very soft


Ref is riding Monaghan sideways. Unbelievable.


No surprises with Mr Neilan in charge


Ah for fucks sake Alan he was dragging out of his neck - cop on.


That explains everything.


Gifted them those two frees.


Great to see Kerry close it out. Usual Kingdom class told in the end. Really natural footballers. Ridiculous fouling by Monaghan. What was the keeper at too.


Monaghan discipline was shocking at the end.


Yerra should the Kerry lads were only standing their ground.


Maybe the Monaghan lads think you can swing out of a fella’s neck. Some here seem to think you can anyway.