Dublin Minors/U17 Footballers 2018


That must be the worst minor team we’ve ever had, losses to Meath, Wicklow and Longford, unheard of really.


That comment totally unnecessary. You’re having a go at 15/16 year olds ffs.


Comment is over the top. The set up was shambolic from the start and ended even worse. That’s not the players’ fault.


Because Vinnies weren’t involved… Yawn


In fairness while vins and others ( often with same club mentors ) are over represented vins did win 16 champ in 2016 and didn’t have many on team… they have some serious players and imo will give the minor ( u18 club champ ) a right go this year and defo next year… I think U17 is wrong for minor and dub clubs were right to over rule county board proposal to change club to u17s. I don’t agree it was “shambolic “ but a lot of great players who were expected to be there were dropped comepletely from panel if performance dropped for a few weeks … JESUS they are 15-16 what did mentors expect .


Meant vins won 16 champ in 2017. Fat finger



So we’re sort of unfortunate. We could well have beaten Meath the first day. Meath appear to be way better then everyone else.

Bar the luck of the draw that had Meath playing the team that could qualify ahead of us when they themselves had already qualified - we could have got a second rattle at them.


I think losing to Wicklow at home kind of puts paid to any sympathy people might have. We had our destiny in our hands and we didn’t come through. No guarantee we’d have beaten Kildare in a semi either.


Very true. Shouldn’t lose at home to Wicklow even with the great Kevin o’ brien managing them… anyway Alan do you agree Dublin club minor should have stayed at u18 ??


From an organizational point of view it would have made more sense but it was completely rejected by clubs. Not sure it makes much difference in the long run. It’s the U16 grade that has been affected by the change more than minor.


Congrats to our good friends and neighbours Meath on winning their first Leinster minor title in 10 years, beating Kildare in the Final. Our days are numbered …


They also won the under 17 last year. Maybe they
Have got tbere act together.


Massive resources gone into underage and restructuring of coaching in the County, with a Dublin man overseeing it. They have really embraced the academy type set up and keeping teams together all the way up and getting players coaching jobs, it will be interesting to see if it transfers to Senior success.

Dublin will need to refocus on underage as this golden generation will not last forever.


Who’s the Dublin lad looking after it? Was talking with a fellow dub with the club I’m involved with in navan earlier in the year and he was saying the meath under age set up has considerably improved and he had tipped the meath minor team for leinster success.


There is nothing like the organisational structure at schools or club level that there is in Dublin. The underage competition structure is quite poor and hit and miss. And that without much regard for hurling.

Some clubs have engaged GPOs on a 50/50 cost basis.


A towers lad with Naas now, I met him but can’t remember the name.




Cormac Kirwan?


There was a Towers lads with Naas a few years ago all right and I think he was in charge the year they won the All Ireland feile, 2014 ? Does anyone know when the club minor championship draws are on this year ? Meant to start in early September …


Kerry looked like they were running away with it but Monaghan reeled them in abit . Funny to see Banty on the sidelines .