Dublin Minor Hurlers 2016


There is huge time and effort put into Development squads and many many players get a huge amount of time and chance to stand out in various different positions and scenarios. You also have to remember that quite a few players are getting some very poor coaching from their clubs, so the base is sometimes poor. Squads don’t meet twice a week, so there is a real limit to what you can achieve. The coaching is excellent, but like everything else in life, lads need to be doing loads more outside of those sessions, and most clubs don’t back that up.

At the end of the day lads, we just don’t play enough competitive hurling at this time of the year. Senior or Minor. Colleges and development squads are beating all around them in March / April. The lack of fixtures in Dublin at this time of the year is a serious problem, and without fixing that, we will stay as we are.


Dublin hurling has a problem with Munster teams full stop. And I’d include Galway in that too. Our record is very poor at all levels against them in championship hurling.


And it’s not going to change because of the way we run our games in Dublin. Most of that Limerick Hurling team are currently playing senior down there. Our lads are either training or playing the odd Minor club game as there are f’all fixtures at this time of the year. We really do need to change the whole fixture structure. It’s doing us no favours. By the way, same for the Galway lads.

We had a bad day on Sunday, but they are mounting up now as you point out. Someone needs to stick their neck out and identify a root cause.


Not sure I agree with the lads under performing. If they are underperforming in every game then maybe we aren’t as good as we think. Even when playing Kilkenny I felt they probably had the better hurlers and will get more from there team than we will…some of the scores and ball winning from them that day was excellent…we showed great heart that day in Parnell where we are hard to beat(although its usually sobering)when we are taken away from there) .I think last years minor team was a lot better and just a pity Donal Burke was injured against Tipp last year. Conor Burke was very good the last day and has potential he’s a good ball winner and has great wrists so definite potential senior along with Burke and maybe the full back. Some other’s look good in patches but may lack the consistency…hope im wrong.


is it the rule/ norm not to comment on individuals at minor? Because if it is, that rule has gone completely out the window in this thread. WIth some of it linked to some pretty personalised dismissals of young lads’ skills and character.


Maybe because he sustained a broken hand playing for the minors earlier in the year and was in a cast until recently ?
Take you ill informed bitter little comments somewhere else. They’re not welcome here


Yes it is, I have removed the comments. Please flag any issues you see on the site so they can be dealt with by one of the mods. :+1:t2:


@Conoroc we don’t criticise minor players individually on this site. Please don’t pick out individuals like that again.


I think the original critical comment was bang out of order and correctly dealt with, but surely we can have a bit of balance? Without being personal, surely we can say that Idi Amin had a relatively poor game by his standards, for example, or pass on positive criticism (such as Genghis Khan would be an excellent forward if he could learn to shoot quickly off either side)?


According to an interview on hill16.ie we couldn’t cope with their spare man in the first half. We thought we would, but we didn’t.

Kind of begs the question as to why they had a spare man?

Very disappointing.


Ye its crazy to be pulling lads back especially at minor and I think it sends out a signal they the belief or confidence isn’t there that we can win. I think its great that it was squad with no dual players…initially anyway. So often before we’ve lost our best to the big ball, most notably 2011 when we had an awesome team.


Because Limerick play a sweeper.


And what did we do to counteract it?

You don’t just have to let them at it.


Jayzus, Tipp are destroying Galway. The GAA will bring Galway into Leinster now.


Poor enough game. Some of the goals they have conceded (now 7!) are shocking.


Very poor from Galway. But Tipp are very good. They’ll walk the final too.


Maybe as well we are not in it… the beat Limerick by over 20 points in the Munster final, it looks to be an exceptional Tipp outfit.


Limerick putting up a good fight so far, only one point in it at HT.


Disgusting strike by the Tipp number 11. Seven officials but not one of them saw it.


Eh why wasn’t the Tipp lad sent off there :neutral_face: