Dublin Minor Hurlers 2016


Great score from long distance 0-2 to 1-06 our first from play. Followed quickly by a limerick goal chance. Anther Dublin score.

1-07 to 0-03


Half back line being cleaned out


Yea, giving away too many frees


Poor wide from distance. Followed by a Limerick point. And another Dublin wide.


half forward line too. I think Limerick have whatever breeze there is. But this is a terrible performance


Shocking decision for the goal. That was the definition of a square ball


Horror show. Wind is very strong and with them but Limerick have come to play. We haven’t.


Even when we do get the ball into the forwards. It is just been fired in aimlessly


Limerick destroying us tactically. Half backs pulled out. Forwards headless. No plan.


Two changes crying out to be made bit management just sitting there.


HT: 0-07 to 1-13


Limerick have a pattern to their play, Dublins gameplan is hit and hope.


They haven’t been in the game to show any signs of a game plan. Being beaten all over the pitch, which is worrying.


When this is over, regardless of result, County Board needs a rethink. Managing a development squads is not the same as managing an intercontinental minor team.


Apologies- intercounty. Hate this phone!


Very flat from us. There are 3 changes to be made that I can see. Disappointing


Wind is quite strong here but it won’t win it. We are so far off pace of championship and look tired? There is more in this team and it will be needed in 2nd half. Don’t think Limerick look anything special. Need gray and the likes on soon to win ball even if he is not 100 he has bottle which our half forward line is not showing. Goal looked square ball from here.


TG4 saying it was square ball anyways. Pretty blatant on second viewing.


A very obvious square ball. The wind is very strong but nine points is probably too much to get back. Pray !


I know they are only young men but this is awful. And there is nothing coming from the sideline by way of instruction or encouragement. Very worrying. If they are to persist with the hit and hope they should at least stick someone on their 8. Hopefully they got a wake up call at half time