Dublin Minor Hurlers 2016


You are not alone in that!


We played KK twice in 2010 kilkenny and costellos first year at minor , bizarrely if we had have beaten clare in the semi we would have played KK in the final .
we actually ran clare to a few points .


Yep, that’s the year I was thinking of although I thought the third occasion did actually happen, but you are right it didn’t.


Cormac was u16 that year. Roasted Seana Moray in the AI Semi - who at the time was the next big thing in Clare hurling. Desperate same to see such talent not even on the bench for the footballers at present.


The rate con is improving, might fall further down the pecking order. Plays hurling for Whitehall still?


Not when hes involved with the senior footballers Tayto.


But outside that?


Yeah he plays the odd time at the end of the season.


Galway 2.22 Antrim 0.9.

If Limerick win tomorrow we get them. If Wexford win we play Galway.


I wouldn’t fear either with this team. Tipp are the team to beat


Limerick it is on August 7th.


5 point win over Wexford with Wexford missing their best player, should not be too scary. Tipp or Galway might be a different story, but getting over the first hurdle would be a great thing.


I’d settle for any kind of a win. Making the All Ireland final is all that counts. If you’re there you have a chance!


Thought the score was 0-17 to 0-09 which is pretty convincing. We’re going to be up against based on that.


Was down at the game and from the performance Limerick put in they won’t be feared. Limerick missed a lot of good chances and only pushed on in added time scoring around 4 points in that period. The game lacked bite and was a very poor game to watch . There was 3/4 between the teams for most of the game. Centre forward was good for Limerick and the backline was good especially the centre back. Wexford didn’t really create anyting.


Yep, they tagged on a few at the end I missed. But as Ford95 says, it was close for most of it. Limerick won’t be bad, they wouldn’t have got to a Munster final otherwise - but they seem to be in our ballpark anyway.

That young lad O Connor seemed to be responsible for about 50% of the Wexford scores to-date and without him, I would think Wexford would be weakened a lot.

Dublin are only getting players back too, so hopefully will be stronger next day also. By no means a certainty, but we have a reasonable chance I think.


Club bias here certainly but Johnny Walsh has to start the next day for me. Has four club games under his belt now since the Leinster final and played very well against Cuala (5 points from play) and a hitherto undefeated Ballyboden. There was a Dublin selector at the Cuala game so his form should have been noted!

Full credit to management for allowing lads to play all four club fixtures. Can only be good for them.


Totally agree Alan, games can only Keep them sharp. 5 from play sounds good, if nothing else it’ll be good for his confidence.


Ah I see, good stuff, just hope the lads do themselves justice.


Also if Wexford had a proper free taker it would have been much closer they missed at least 3 very handy frees