Dublin Minor Hurlers 2016


Well done to all involved. Follow this up with a win on Wednesday and yesterday will be forgotten


Well done good win and room for improvement


How did Hawkshaw from Brigids do ? This lad has a huge future in Dublin hurling I think if we can keep him away from Leinster Rugby


He came on for the last twenty minutes. Much like the KK game. Hard to judge on so little game time. Can’t say he stood out to be honest.

You couldn’t ask much more from numbers 1 to 10 bar the odd mistake from some of them that you’ll always get at minor. 11-15 did not, to varying degrees, play to their potential and that meant it took us an awful long time to put away a very one dimensional Wexford team that was nowhere near as good as the KK team we beat. We looked very flat for almost the entire game. The two goals were scrappy but they came from the fact that we kept battling away. Nonetheless with ten minutes to go we were a point behind and did not look like pulling it out of the fire. Great credit to the lads for doing just that.

Management does have a problem the next day. Some lads who came off (and one or two who didn’t) played beneath themselves while a couple that came on staked a real claim for inclusion the next day.

Speaking of which that’s not until at least the 7th and possibly the 14th August. At the same time there are club minor league games on the 6th, 10th, 20th and 24th July. No question in my mind that all players should be playing in these games, certainly the first three anyway. It will do them the world of good. Na Fianna play Brigids and Vincents this week. Vins also have Boden on 20th. Crucial in my view that lads get games into them before the semis. All the training in the world won’t benefit them in the same way. I can only hope that management see it the same way.


We needed that after last night, well d9ne to all involved


Well done to all involved.
Young Perry made a super save in the first half, which was crucial as scores were hard to come by. I’d have to agree with Alan with regard to where the performances came from - we worked hard without really being convincing. A definite step up in the quality of performance will be required. I thought Foley was impressive.
The subs made a difference particularly as Wexford seemed to be getting a grip on the game from around the 40th minute onwards. The subs seemed to raise the intensity again.
Themselves need games as there is a good gap to the next fixture.


Who were the 5 alanoc?


There’s a convention on the board and on the previous one of not being overly critical of minors and not naming them in situations where they may not have played well. The report on hill16.ie will give you an idea of who I am talking about. Certainly the forwards who started bar maybe one (and in fairness also the free taker, who again missed very little) would certainly need to improve for the next day. It may well be one or two of them will be under pressure from the subs who came on. Hence I’d like to see all of them play as many club league games as possible in the next three weeks. It can only do the whole panel good.


Who is left in the minor now.
ourselves. Wexford. Galway and Antrim. Who is left in munster?


Tipp and Limerick . On form we have nothing to fear


Jesus don’t think I posted my congrats to the lads so…congrats to the lads great achievement now let’s push for the big one!


County players were playing tonight. Good to see.


Would I be right to assume the Minor semi-final will be on Aug 7th, the same day Kilkenny Seniors are fixed to play their semi as we both won Leinster?

The winners of Munster (Senior) are due to play their semi on the 14th so I would have thought the Munster Minor winners would be that day too.

Anyone know for sure?


Nothing on the GAA website to suggest which provincial winner is playing which day.


I was told last night we were on the 7th but the GAA fixture booklet says the decision won’t be made until the semi finalists are known. So it’s not a guarantee we will be on the 7th. If I hear anything I’ll post it here.


Thanks @alanoc. I booked a holiday assuming that we would play our semi on the 7th (I knew we’d win Leinster) and just getting a bit worried now that the fixtures on GAA.ie don’t reflect that.

I wonder what permutation would mean us moving to the 14th.


In 2011, our minors won Leinster but were paired up on the same day as the Munster senior champions. Was that as a result of us playing Tipp in the senior game? I presume that’s were they are coming from.


Yeah I was trying to remember what year that happened, @dcr22B. Hopefully it won’t be the case this year. Typical GAA. Can’t organise anything around them. Ta


“Our Leinster Champs are through to the All Ireland Semi-Final on August 7th or 14th and their opponent is TBC.” Taken from the Hill 16 website


GAA fixture booklet confirms that the dates will not be confirmed until the pairings are known. Quarters are the weekend of the 23/24 July so Monday or Tuesday the following week we should know.