Dublin Minor Hurlers 2016


If we could get 1 if not 2 wins from minor and u21 this week it would take a little bit of sting away from last night in Cork


No reason we cannot win both. I had no real faith in the seniors this year but I certainly reckoned the minors and to a lesser extent the 21s could win at least Leinster. I’ll be disappointed if they don’t do it today. We’ve a stronger team than we had when when we lost to them earlier in the year. And that was in Wexford and after extra time.

Best of luck to all the panel, especially the five Ardscoil lads. Highest representation we’ve ever had.


Can’t go to Croker - where can we watch/hear the match?





At a christening…updates appreciated…


Up 8-6 at ht


Up eight to six at half time. We are very flat. There’s one obvious change that badly needs to be made. Some others need to step up. Game is there for the taking. Breeze is hard to gauge but I think we are against it in the second half.


Up 1-10 to 11 on 55 mins


2.12 to 0.12. Scored two goals in the last five minutes. Delighted we won but the performance won’t be near good enough to go any further. Fortunately plenty of time to get things right.


Well done to all involved.
A lift after last night. Hopefully the 21s can win on Wednesday now too but I hear there are a few injury worries.


Jesus we made hard work of that! Well on top for the whole game but our finishing let us down big time


That wasn’t great . Way down on the last performance but it’s a good day .


13 wides. Some pretty poor ones too but sure look, job done. Important to win that after the Kilkenny performance. Delighted for all involved.


2 late goals from mcguirk and Donal Burke to seal it


Fantastic result. Well done to all involved. A win in the U-21’s would really boost morale for Dublin hurling. Hopefully we can build off underage success. Mind you thats if they choose the small ball in the long run…


Surprised hackshaw didn’t start


If we can get our shooting sorted and our team selection right anything is possible.
Well done to all involved especially those who were involved last year when they led kilkenny going into injury time only to loose .


None of these lads are footballers of any note!!


That is a great result. That is 5 Leinster minors out of the last 11 and a few losing finalists as well. It is a fairly serious base to be building on. Someone above mentions possible injuries for the U21s during the week, and this might be tempting fate, but you would still be very hopeful of a win after coming through the hard side of the draw. If that does come to pass - a double of minor and u21 Leinsters is a very decent performance with possibly more to come.