Dublin Minor Club Hurling Championship 2017


It’s a bit like Boden ten years ago. Once they win one football and hurling title they will win a pile
It’s great to see what they’ve done so far at football investing in their own players and not being reliant on internal and external transfers like they did in the past or like the top clubs in Dublin are doing now


Shocking capitulation? They lost by 3 points in a tight game to a way more seasoned outfit.


They were six points up after seven minutes. And they should have won. But they didn’t. And they have much better players than Crokes. They may well win a bundle once they get one under their belts. But that remains to be seen.


Davis v plunketts that’s the B final in two weeks time


Again congrats to Thomas Davis. Am very impressed with their progress at all levels of hurling. For a division 3 team to make the B final is fantastic.

Plunketts will be a great test for them. Plunketts in my opinion should be playing A


Lost by 2 if I recall … or capitulation if you’re from Vins …


Crokes got closer to cuala then dicksboro too …


Were you at the game?




Well we viewed it differently so. I saw a team that started brilliantly and then slowly folded, especially in the second half when it appeared to me and the ‘oul lad that the result was inevitable even when NaF were ahead.

That’s how I saw it. And it’s not the first time they have, imho, failed to live up to their potential.

I hope they can rectify this problem. Their hard work over a decade deserves no less.

The best of luck to them.


Just don’t agree with the word capitulated …

I would use that word maybe where a team concedes 6-20 and loses by 20 points … that would be capitulation imo …


Fair enough. Could be the wrong word. Just seemed to me to describe what was happening on the day bearing in mind the position they had put themselves in.


Great start Alan but a point a minute was not going to be sustained. There is no doubt it was hugely disappointing but getting out of the group and into a QF was an incremental improvement which will hopefully be built upon again next year. Good too (for all) to have the best club side in Ireland as the benchmark.


Alan,I have reserved responding to your obvious hatred of na Fianna over the past few years but I have had enough. You are and have been involved with a lot of these lads in Are Scoil over the last 10 years since our under age has really come through and yet all I see is bitterness. LOOK at your own club , you have nothing come through


If you think I hate Na Fianna then you’re a fool. And you can’t read either obviously. Grow up.

And to be totally petty about it Vincents made the semi finals this year. With nothing coming through.


Semi finals of what ? NOT MINOR A HURLING OR FOOTBALL.,don’t call me a fool , you only have to look at your posts on na Fianna to see you have an issue but that’s your problem


What posts? Quote me please. The ones where I say or imply I hate Na Fianna.

And if you can’t find them have the decency to retract your ridiculous assertion.


Answer what A semi final did Vins make ?
Don’t need to quote on n.a. Fianna issues it’s evident in most comments you make about the club, I will leave it to you to demonstrate positive comments about the club


Senior Hurling. That’s what I was talking about on this thread. With nothing coming through? Sarcasm?

And you do need to quote if you are going to accuse me of saying things that I didn’t say. Withdraw the assertion please. It is not true and you know it.


Senior hurling? You are on the minor hurling thread