Dublin Minor Club Hurling Championship 2017


:flushed: … a few marbles?


There goes your reputation as the guru on juvenile hurling!


That was directed at Alan who posted this earlier:

Vins should top Group A. Lucan or Boden Group B. Vins to beat Lucan in the semi. Final vs. Boden a toss up.


Based entirely on what happened at U16 and if you look at the top two in the league… :frowning:

Still, good to see such a good competition. Didn’t think it was going to pan out like that!


Is the minor final the curtain raiser to the senior final this year?


The Vinnies/Raheny game was the 15 B final


Yea sorry I just lobbed it in here as didn’t see an u15 thread


It should be but they appear to be sticking with football for minors this weekend. Pity.


Unfortunately due to the current spell of bad weather, the state of the pitch and the number of matches still to be played in Parnell Park this year a decision had to be taken that double headers should not be arranged there until further notice.


That’s a shame. How many matches would be left to play? Both senior county finals. What’s after that


There’s always O Toole Park.

The real “Theatre of Dreams”


Exhibit a



Minor B championship s/f.

Rialto Gaels 0-12 Na Fianna 2-9



Unreal work done in Na Fianna a true powerhouse in underage GAA.

Success at adult level won’t be long in following.

Well done to all in the club for all the success


Savage work indeed and fair play to them.

But that’s their last good team coming through now for a while.

Time to step up at senior. Their capitulation to a poor Crokes team was worrying. Under age success doesn’t guarantee anything although in this case it really should.

Would love to see them get it together. Hopefully they will.


The best of their underage stars are still only around the 20-21 mark so they have time on their side anyway.


Jesus Alan you’re awful hard on them . They’ll win a senior hurling title before Vincent’s will


And the vey best of luck to them. But their capitulation to Crokes was shocking really. And you could see it coming the whole second half. I know more than a few of them and would be delighted to see them make good. But that doesn’t mean they will. Crokes return so far from some super under age teams is poor enough. You’d be expecting it to happen soon.