Dublin Minor Club Hurling Championship 2017


The refs just have to prove they have enough puff in them to blow a whistle



A Championship: Na Fianna 3-14 Ballyboden 4-10

C Championship: Na Fianna 8-26 Cuala 0-12


Whitehall beat Vins by a goal. Our record of underachievement with very good minor teams continues unfortunately. Very disappointing performance.

Think that makes it Na Fianna vs Whitehall and Boden vs Crokes in the semis


Lads. Can anyone confirm what way 3 teams on level points is worked out for who goes through please. In the minor B championship Ballinteer, Brigids and Isles finished on 4 points. Brigids beat Isles by 2, Ballinteer beat Brigids by 18 and Isles beat Ballinteer by 1. Who goes through? Ballinteer plus ?


Isles! The amount of people that don’t know this rule by now is staggering!



Thought that was the story but so many others coming up with different scenarios


Whitehall probably not flattered by that scoreline either, could and should have been more and played most of the 2nd half with 14 men.


Correct. For a team that was within seconds of making the 16 final two years ago it’s a very disappointing loss for us.


Anyone got the Wild Geese/Round Towers result in the C? Need the score to work out score difference.


Whitehall going well in this. Not sure why they requested to be put into division two in the league


We gave them a beating in the first game and they asked to go down.

Hard to see why.


some teams love winning medals…

pretty meaningless ones in this instance.

unable to compete in D1 without county players was the reason i heard


You beat them by 16 points if I’m not wrong Alan? They are struggling in the league without the county players. Seems a fair request to me. And I’m totally neutral!


Were county players not allowed play league? Silly rule for minor especially considering there were on 5/6 games in the leagues.

I believe they also should have bet Crokes in the first game. What are their chances of beating Na Fianna?


None whatsoever…shocking Whitehall team. Na Fianna will be massive favorites…


Boden gone Lucan playing Crokes I think