Dublin Ladies Seniors 2017


Yeah, and it was a great quote from the lady washing the jerseys, about how she hates the white collar on the new jersey, as it gets destroyed with make up and fake tan! Whoever washes the men’s jerseys doesn’t have the same problem - you would hope!


Great documentary

Is Mick Bohan staying on ? I’d imagine he’s in demand


You’d imagine he is.

This team are getting better all the time and are way ahead of everyone with their skills and fitness now and after getting the demon off their back I think they are going to win a few All Ireland’s over the next few years. They’ve players that were brilliant under age and aren’t getting into the team.


Great video and great win.
The demon is Cork really.


i was thinking the same, hopefully they confidence from this year will mean they get that monkey off their backs should they meet next season.


Saw last night one of the players congratulated a Dubs player, but, put in that they’d been asked to do the same two years ago but declined as they wanted to keep the dressing room sacred…ffs


Who did this involve ?


Sorry it was a Cork LGFA player.


Same was said in 2010.
They have yet to beat cork .
I’d say the cork setup we’re loving that last night . Talk about motivation!


The point of these sort of documentaries is how team rises in the face of adversity and past disappointment to eventual success.

I’m sure the Mayo footballers and other counties have the camera work associated with these documentaries going on all of the time but very few go to production. A recently successful county like Dublin Footballers and Cork Ladies footballers wouldn’t have such a documentary in motion


Didnt think it came across as gloaty at all? but my blue tinted specs were well and truly in place.


Most of the big names on that Cork team are retired or on the verge. They lost to both Kerry and Waterford in the Munster round robin finishing bottom of the group. As Bryan Ferry says, nothin’ lasts forever …

Our girls should have beaten them at least twice in recent years … they would need no motivation especially after Cork’s attitude after the 2016 final and the win that never was …


they bate themselves!


In fairness accept it’s a typo by dub09, that said they wouldn’t be the first team to beat themselves.


Cork had lost in Munster before and went on and won the Brenden Martin. Doireann o Sullivan hopped a ball as she went by a mayo defender with a minute to go it plugged in the ground mayo went up the field and kicked the last score .
Cork have also produced 2/3 top minor teams in the last few years, somthing that Dublin have not . Saoirse noonan if soccer does not get there will step into that cork team and be a top player.
I know dublin have added 1 top player . But let’s not look past it they have never beaten cork .
I don’t bye this o we should have beaten them the last 2 years . Leave that talk to mayo


That’s fair enough but this bunch of Dublin players are getting better all the time and have a fantastic bench which Greg never used and was too loyal to some players. They also play as a unit which they often never did and don’t hit the panic button.
I don’t think they fear Cork as much as they previously had and I believe they will win at least 3 out of the next 5 because them and Cork are so far ahead of the rest.


I think we all know that good minors does not automatically mean good seniors. Cork have lost legends of the game like Valerie Mulcahy, Briege Corkery and Rena Buckley in the last couple of seasons - they are not easily replaced. I think we have players who can become legends like those named above. We have beaten Cork in the League and I think the new management has the team in a better place mentally and physically.

Not meaning to be Mayo-like (in your words) in saying we should’ve won this or that but losing a game when 10 points up with 15 to go should never ever happen and last year we actually drew the game but were robbed by appalling officiating.


i have little doubt that if Mick Bohan and Ken Robinson were available 2 years earlier it would be 3 in a row for Dublin.

the coming team are Galway though in a few years time, handed out trimmings to Dublin at u14 and u16 champo, a really serious u21 team, think they won all ireland minor also


Your clutching at straws to say we beat cork in the league . We have never beat them in a knockout game.
I hope your right . But until they beat cork this will linger. Cork have not gone away and could hit back next year .


I think we are 4/5 point better than under previous management and they have regressed a little further - at this time. I would never say they have gone away but I would be confident we would beat them at the moment - but accept that until we do we haven’t!!