Dublin Ladies Seniors 2017


RTE showed camogie. Tg4 ladies gootball


So much for my massive theory.


Lucky you didn’t take it to the Dragon’s Den …


No I’m nearly positive you’re right DT, 95% sure Rte showed the semis


I do know what a tracker mortgage is.


RTE showed nothing - everything on TG4. Go with your remaining 5% and you’ll be right.


Did a quick Google, knew I was 5% right!!


Great turnout down in Na Fianna tonight. Well done to all concerned.


From NF email: A chairde,

Tonight’s 6 O’Clock Show on TV3 will feature Dublin Ladies Footballer Sinead Goldrick talking about the Jackies’ All-Ireland Final win. The feature may also include pics and references to last night’s Homecoming in Na Fianna.

beir bua,
Cormac O’Sullivan
CLG Na Fianna


Missed it. Heard a couple of the team on the radio during the week. Chuffed for them. Sinéad Goodrich is seein David Tracy


Might be on the TV3 player - or a +1 channel


and your point is ?


No point really. it was good to see so many of the men footballers/hurlers supporting the women.


In fairness she is lovely.


Good piece, interesting to hear about bohan’s skill based approach helping to improve each player, do think the final performance was top class, with better finishing would have been a landslide.


A gaggle of kids at Lucan so see the dubs



Thats odd considering her age but fair play to her .


She will be good at scoring behinds given her “accuracy” in the All Ireland final :grin:

Seriously though, fair play to her in the twilight years of her career


Wonder if Mayo Co Board will get her a job in Tesco’s Ballina to make her stay :roll_eyes::roll_eyes: