Dublin Ladies Seniors 2017


Really enjoyable game, played with great intensity. Like others have said I worried those missed chances in the first half and the penalty would come back to haunt us. Great atmosphere in the ground too.

Well done to the ladies.


Hope to watch this when I return home ! I wonder was Hawk Eye turned on yesterday , anybody know or was it even needed ?


Wasn’t needed


Was used in the game beforehand


That was a great win, but Dublin were well superior, it should probably have been more comfortable then it was up to the last 5 minutes. The difference for me was just skill level, Dublin executed the skills better and got their rewards for it. I was sorry to see Sinead Finnegan have to leave the field so early, she has worked very hard over the years for her AI medal and would have liked to spend longer on the field I am sure. But she has it now, and it is well deserved.

It’s sort of wrong to discuss the differences with the men’s game, when the main issue is that we have won the All Ireland, but I do love their sin bin (better then black card) and I like their interpretation of what is a fair and a foul tackle. It is obvious to see when a free has been committed and it is not all left to the refs judgement like it is in men’s football. What I do not like the terminology employed by the media in relation to all this. For a start ‘ladies’ is such a judgemental thing and some throwback thing, we don’t call the men’s football, ‘gentlemen’s football’. Also the term ‘Jackies’ is horrible. To use any diminutive of a term that could be employed for the men’s team is wrong, but to even start with Jack, Jackie, Jackeen etc. is crazy. Jackeen is a studied insult of Dubliners, it always has been and always will. Why in the name of God would we start using it ourselves? I suppose there is some argument for ‘owning’ the insult, but I for one don’t want to own being called a West Brit, which is what this is about.


Great match to watch, very exciting and end to end football. well done to all involved. There was record attendance and viewing figures on TG4 which must have been helped by the strong promotion of the game through the lidl sponsored ads which were hard to miss.


I think you’re probably being a wee bit too sensitive dude. For a start, the association is the LGFA. L standing for Ladies. I know this reply sounds overly condescending, that’s not my intention, I like your posts a lot, but this issue, I’m not sure is really needed. I mean even the Jackeen/Jackies thing… It’s just a term of fun. I don’t read into any more than that. And I’m aware of the Jackeen/Union Jack reference. Or maybe I’m desensitised in my old age!


Record crowd and tv audience, women’s football is going places!


I feel what you are saying, but as it is the term that they themselves use (LGFA) it’s kinda what I go with. For whatever reason (and frankly it is probably a chauvinistic one) the feminine versions of several terms just sound condescending, I might say that it was a great performance by the ‘lads’ or by the ‘guys’ but saying great performance by the ‘lassies’ or by the ‘gals’ just feels like I’m being obnoxious.

Generally I just try to say by the team and avoid gendered language, but sometimes I end up saying ladies.


A lad in our club, a Kilkenny hurling man, calls the ladies footballers in our club ‘the big-ball, camogie birds’. :grin:


Great performance, many congrats, so well deserved and makes up a bit for all the heartache. Easy to forget the Jackies broke the Dublin Snr GAA All-I famine in 2010


Good article by Ciaran Murphy


Again it completely ignores the fact that these crowds are a total abnormality. The crowds at all other games are negligible. No real answer to that problem in the article. And none forthcoming from LGFA or Camogie.


Cork domination for a decade did nothing for crowds. Could be entering a period of Dublin dominance now I think.


I think this year has been the first that RTÉ have had live coverage of matches even before the final (even if only to combat sky) so maybe that will be a help going forward.


We love an aul bandwagon


Think it’s all been on TG4 for the last few seasons - no??


Exactly. No matter how bad it sounds, tg4 is a smaller station and it’s in Irish. I know the finals were all on tg4 but I’m dead sure the semi finals were on RTÉ 2 maybe other rounds. On the nights when there was no men’s matches either as they were on the sky telly.


I don’t think so @dubintipp - I think TG4 have had exclusivity in recent years. RTE have had nowt.


Maybe it was the camogie lol

No, I’m sure that RTÉ showed a double header, we hammered Kerry in it. They had it live, it must have been the semi finals. They were in Thurles?

Maybe I’m going mad…