Dublin Ladies Seniors 2017


Great stuff. Should have won by more but closed it out well.
Mayo have a few dirty players on the women’s side as well by the looks of things.


Some finishing for those goals , congratulations and well done to ladies team. Some nice shots of the boys in the stand …


Delighted for the ladies. Ruthless in the finishing


Those Mayo hits at the end make it all the more enjoyable. If we beat them at tiddlywinks it’d be enjoyable though. An awful shower at every age, gender, code…

Great for this bunch to finally get over the line


Congratulations to the ladies fantastic win after the last few years of heartache, inspirational stuff to come back like that. Played some great football and fully deserved their victory!!


Serious , serious side. Could of been even more in If in the end but they won’t mind . The fitness levels are incredible. Brilliant side to watch too.

Noelle Healy & Carla Rowe have some engines .


Brilliant performance, delighted for the dubs after all the close calls & heartache! Could have had more goals.


Made it hard for themselves with the misses, but still a different class. Delighted for them, after the luck of the past few years, great to win it in such style. Defence was very strong!!

Never tire of beating those Mayo moaners!!!


Absolutely, they just can’t seem to take a beating with any grace, worse than the men


Delighted for the ladies, great performance and well deserved win especially after going so close the last three years


A few things about today.

The atmosphere was absolutely electric, and the Mayo fans in front of me were, in general, good sports. One chap put his spud munching head above the parapet and started calling us cheats because we double marked Staunton. He didn’t say much after I emptied my vocabulary on him! Shook my hand on the way out. I smiled.

The goals were clinical and we could have had more. The side were primed and were not going to let this slip, if only our male football seniors would be that clinical we may actually get to enjoy an All Ireland like that! It was thoroughly enjoyable and it brought a great joy to me. A fantastic day for Dublin football.

I thought it was very pointed that Sinead Aherne only thanked one previous manager and was obvious that she deliberately left one out. I was chuffed with that.

Lastly, and just a comment more than anything, but has anybody ever seen Cora Staunton and Kieran McDonald in the same room?

Enjoy it everybody involved, it was a day I will never forget. COYGIB


The yellow card count said it all. The way the mayo players went for off the ball thuggery when we were miles up said a lot too. I’m sure willie joe’s mob will be delighting in it ( isn’t doe the female of a buck?) and getting the big mayo thesaurus of moans out for the evening.

All with the exception of their manager who refused to take he bait on the radio. Fair play to him, he even mentioned whingers and moaners. With that attitude he’ll never get the men’s gig.

Cora Staunton was excellent for them today, you can’t blame her trying to pull them along and that may look selfish. She has the thumping the ground thing off to a tee though, so the rumours she trained with the men on occasion must be true.

We should have had four goals by half time, there was a big gulf and for once in a Dublin mayo match it showed in the final score. Great stuff, homecoming is tomorrow - another one!!!


I didn’t see any off the ball stuff myself and I was at it. Yes the cards were warranted but Mayo weren’t a dirty side.


There were one or 2 very nasty incidents. The penalty incident should probably have been a red, she slid out feet first into her shins!

Sinead Aherne also was on the receiving end of 2 OTB incidents that I saw. I was looking early at the forwards, to see the excellent runs before they made them, and there were 2 incidents that were nasty enough, would have resulted in at least sin bins. One maybe a red right before the final whistle. But that’s not my style to be honest, we won fair and square. Let it go would be my call!


Whats this about ?


You obviously missed the punch thrown,the couple of digs, and the late hits once game was gone. Haven’t seen that in ladies football before. Mayo were physical & aggressive all through but it turned nasty at times. Anyway better team by far won. COYGIB!


I thought the penalty was a red myself but wouldn’t call it dirty.

I didn’t see any off the ball stuff tbh but take your word on it.

Best team won by far and could have had 8 or so goals as well and can’t really remember Mayo troubling our keeper.


Manager Peter Clarke before McGonigle was shall we say, controversial, and got rid of 2 players because he felt their voice in the dressing room was too strong. There was nearly a full panel revolt and as a result, the team underperformed for a good few years.


Yeah thought the Mayo keeper challenge was bad one & could have done real damage! Had to laugh when she mouthed to the ref I was going for the ball!


It would appear that most of the nastier stuff was dedicated to our captain. That would appear to be premeditated to me, but then again, I’ve been accused of being in the tin foil brigade before. I mean just because I’m paranoid, doesn’t mean they aren’t all out to get me!