Dublin Ladies Seniors 2017


Have take one sooner or later


Come on girls put this to bed. Too many missed goal chances


What a run.


The misses are kilking me. Could end up losing a game we should be winning by about 10 points




Sarah Mc Caffrey , Jacks older sister ! Great goal


Cmon! Great shot of Cluxton and the lads just before that too!


Had to take a chance sooner or later


we’ve played some great football - a fine side


Just don’t sit back and invite them on.


Stauntan stupid to go for goal


How Dublin are not out of sight is just mind boggling! Chances missed to kill the game time after time. Defending has been brilliant though.

As for Mayo Cora Staunton is all about and only about Cora Staunton. Hugely selfish performance.


Rowe with third goal

The beatings shall continue …


Game over. Congrats girls!!


How did your one get away with that dig on Aherne??


Even at this stage the scoreline has flattered Mayo. Massive gulf in class. How have these beaten Cork?


That’s how to finish out a game. Very well done ladies.


Well done


Massive congratulations ladies. Fully deserved. Some fantastic footballers there. Keeper was immense too with her kickouts and handling.


Watching Mayo carry on towards end makes you just love seeing Mayo lose again and again. Brilliant win by the girls. Well done my fellow club man Mick Bohan. Delighted for him.