Dublin Junior Hurling A Championship (JHC A) 2018


I often wonder what are the odds on a boy being born in Kilkenny winning an All-Ireland minor hurling medal.




They’ve only won the Minor twice over the past 10-years lads.

On Maurs I read in the Fingal Independent that their Cork sharpshooter is heading back to Cork next season, they really needed him for their first year up at Intermediate as I’m not sure they have much coming through.


Hard luck to Maurs.
Despite the result they have had a great year.


Great year alright but they had no Minor or U21 team this year which is concerning. They will need a Minor team every year going forward to keep their momentum up.


They amalgamate with Lusk for Minor… Ros Lusca! Were in B champ this year iirc

The Corkman moved back home in September and has been commuting up for games only; he is finished now with Maurs.


Ros Lusca?
Sounds like a biscuit snack for infants.


He’ll be a big loss, very good player


true but if they have reasonable numbers in the Ros Luska combo and they operating at a decent minor league , they might have enough coming through to survive at intermediate. Maurs had big numbers at adult this year, 2nd team did okay too I think


2nd team lost 10 out of 13 games in Division 7, I would not consider that okay. It would be great to see them remain competitive in the years ahead and become more of a Hurling club but I just worry there’s not enough there to sustain it.


The average age of their 1st team is pretty young, so if they were getting a couple through every year they’ll be alright id say


I see Na Fianna from Meath made the Junior final which is in Nowlan Park against Dunnamaggin - part of a double header with the Intrer final between Portlaoise and Graigue Ballycallan.

Nice to be giving the underdogs a chance …


It’s probably all agreed in advance but why are the finals not in a neutral venue?

Doesn’t make sense.


Parnell Park would have been ideal. Or Tullamore.


Especially as you can almost bank on Kk teams in the Final. Maybe there’s a rota or something.


That game could be played in the Enfield Service Station and the Maggin would still trounce them, the Leinster council know this too.

I wonder should Dublin Intermediate clubs be competing in this tournament, they would be more in line with the Kilkenny clubs coming out of KK.


I think that’s a very valid call.


Yes but we have to rename Senior B intermediate etc. Has to be done. Same nonsense going on in football now that senior has been cut to 16 teams. Clubs obsessed with calling themselves senior when they are nowhere near the standard required.


Had a good conversation with an ex-Vins man about this. He was suggesting our B football winners should be in Inter but I reckoned Leinster would not allow that - unless they rename it Inter - which the clubs will not do.

I also would question the fairness of the big Dublin clubs having lads at Inter and Junior level who will never get a chance to win a provincial or all Ireland title at those grades.


Dunnamaggin beat Meath’s Na Fianna 3-17 to 1-11 in the Leinster Junior Hurling Final